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the Holy Scriptures: the new JPS translation according to the tra­
ditional Hebrew text.
Philadelphia, PA: Jewish Publication Society,
1988. 1624 p.
Th e standard Jewish Bible for the English-speaking world,
whose th ree parts were initially published in th ree stages: To rah
in 1962; Neviim in 1978; Ketuvim in 1982.
a l t o n
, J
o h n
Ancient Israelite literature in its cultural context.
G rand
Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1989. 249 p.
Survey o f parallels between biblical and ancient Near Eastern
e r z b e r g e r
, S
h m u e l
Torah: a way of life, a way to life; commentaries
on the sidroth.
Hoboken, NJ: Ktav, 1989.
i l c o x
, J
o h n
The bitterness of Job; a philosophical reading.
Ann Arbor,
MI: University o f Michigan Press, 1989. 243 p.
Work deals with problem o f evil primarily from a philosophical
point o f view.
o l f
, G
e o r g e
Some lexicographical comments on the Hebrew Bible.
York: Author, 1990. 198 p.
Explains a num ber o f difficult words and passages in the Hebrew
b i t b o l
, M
i c h e l
The Jews of North Africa during the Second World War.
T r. from the French by Catherine Tihanyi Zentelis. Detroit,
M I :
Wayne State University Press, 1989. 212 p.
Study o f the Vichy government’s trea tm en t o f Jews in North
Africa maintaining that French authorities independen tly enacted
anti-Semitic measures.
d e l s o n
, A
l a n
a p i d e s
, R
o b e r t
Lodz ghetto: inside a community
under siege.
New York: Viking Penguin, 1989. 526 p.
Chronologically a rranged record o f life in the ghetto from 1939
th rough 1944.
l d e r m a n
, G
e o f f r e y
London Jewry and London politics 1889-1986.
London/New York: Routledge, 1989. 186 p.
l o n
, G
e d a l i a h
The Jews in their land in the talmudic era
(70-640 C.E.).
Ed. and tr. by Gershon Levi. Cambridge,
M A :
Harvard University
Press, 1989. 800 p.
A work predom inantly concerned with the first two centuries
following the destruction o f the Temple.
a r k a i
, A
v r a h a m
From boycott to annihilation: the economic struggle of
German Jews, 1933-1943.
Hanover, NH: University Press o f New
England, 1989. 226 p.