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camp by amusing their tormentors. Years later three are reunited
after one is fatally wounded by a terrorist in Israel. On his death­
bed, he recounts the tale of revenge against his wife’s executioner.
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, R
o s s
Shapes mistaken.
San Francisco: North Point Press, 1989.
199 p.
The protagonist is a middle-aged nebish, owner of a stereo
equipment store who is proof that true goodness and economic
success are mutually exclusive. Those who surround Charles
Shapes, including his business partner and a crotchety, ungrateful
Soviet Jewish emigre, prove more self-serving and less vulnerable.
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ill iam
Deep are the roots.
New York, Shengold, 1990. 424
A novel by a ninety-year-old author who recaptures for the mod­
ern reader the essence of the bygone world of East European im­
migrants who settled on New York’s Lower East Side.
o l d sm it h
, B
ru c e
Blue numbers.
San Francisco: Mercury House, 1989.
426 p.
Sandy Klein, one-time radical journalist, awakes one day to dis­
cover blue tattooed numbers on his arm. Seizing the moment, he
convinces his girlfriend, a lawyer, he’s an Auschwitz survivor work­
ing to expose Nazi war criminals as he plays out his bizarre quest.
o o dm a n
, A
Total immersion.
New York: Harper
Row, 1989.
260 p.
Collection of eleven short stories whose primary characters are
observant Jews living in Oxford, England or Honolulu. Goodman
satirizes the characters as they adapt in a shifting, alien and se­
ductive world.
a r ev en
, S
h u l am it h
Trans, from the Hebrew by Hillel
Halkin. San Francisco: North Point Press, 1990. 112 p.
Following the Exodus from Egypt, a Canaanite soothsayer
spends seven years in a Hebrew camp following the invasion of
his native city. The birth of the Jewish people is seen through
the eyes of this outsider.
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, A
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To touch a dream.
New York: D.I. Fine, 1989. 550
Emigres from Europe prior to World War I settle in a Palestinian
village during a time when Jewish and Arab neighbors live in peace
with each other. Two world wars and the establishment of the
State of Israel shatters that peace. The story follows the lives of
two sisters, descendants through this difficult period.
a r l in
, W
a y n e
The extras.
New York: H. Holt, 1989. 263 p.
Two childhood friends meet and fall in love while working as
extras during the filming of a movie in the Sinai desert. He is