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Jewish Juvenile Books
b r am so n
, R
u t h
The Cresta adventure.
Devorah Channah
Shinan. New York: Feldheim, 1989. 133 p. (8-12)
Lea Goldberg and the friends she makes at the seaside resort
of Cresta find a secret entrance from a museum to the caves un­
derneath. Not only are they instrumental in catching the thieves
of the museum’s rare blue sapphire, but they also reunite a mother
with her long-lost son. A glossary of Hebrew words is appended.
, D
a v id
Happy Hanukkah rebus.
Illus. by Jan Palmer. New York:
Viking/Kestrel, 1989. 32 p. (3-8)
Sharon learns about the miracle of Hanukkah from a story which
is told in two ways — in rebus form and straight. A rebus glossary
is included. Cozy illustrations complete this delectable package.
Malke’s secret recipe: a Chanukah story.
Illus. by Joan
Halpern. Rockville, MD: Kar-Ben, 1989. 32 p. (4-8)
Berel, the shoemaker, wants to duplicate the secret latke recipe
of Malke, the tailor’s wife, but although Berel secretly obtains the
recipe, his shrewish wife scorns the innovations, resulting in a
Chelmlike conclusion! Joan Halpern’s droll illustrations contribute
to the book’s appeal.
a c h
, A
x u m
h ery l
Moses’ ark: stories from the Bible.
Illus. by Leo and Diane Dillon. New York: Delacorte, 1989. 184
p. (9-14)
A collection of 13 sensitively told Bible stories based on new
translations from the Hebrew and followed by end notes. Includes:
Eden, Noah, Babel, Deborah, Saul and the medium at Endor, Sol­
omon and the Queen of Sheba, and Jotham’s Tale. Dramatically
illustrated in black and white.
- N
i s s im
, B
a r ba r a
The Jews: one people.
Illus. by Marlene Lobell
Ruthen. New York: United Synagogue of America/Commission
on Jewish Education, 1990. 55 p. (4-8)
This large format, full-color picture book notes differences and
commonalities among the Jewish people. It compares the observ­
ance of holidays, festivals, and life cycle events by Jews around