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in k el st e in
, N
orm an
The other 1492: Jewish settlement in the New
New York: Scribner’s, 1989. 100 p. (10-14)
A well-written, carefully researched account of the Jewish in­
volvement in a major event in world history, the discovery of the
New World. Because they needed a place of refuge, Jews figured
in Columbus’ voyage as financial backers, astronomers, interpret­
ers and motivators. Illus. with historical engravings and paintings,
and appended with a bibliography of books and articles.
ish e r
, L
v er e t t
The Wailing Wall.
Illus. by the author. New
York: Macmillan, 1989. 32 p. (7-10)
Although Fisher’s central theme is the Wall, the text also en­
compasses the history of Jerusalem and of the Jewish people down
to 1967, when the reunification of the city gave Jews once again
access to the Wall. Dark gray, black and white heavy line illus­
trations simulate basalt stone.
isc h e t t o
, L
a u r a
Inside Noah’s ark.
Illus. by Letizia Galli. New York:
Viking/Kestrel, 1989. unp. (3-8)
An Italian Noah’s ark omits the reason for the flood or why
Noah and his family were spared, and ends as if there are people
waiting for the ark’s passengers to disembark. The theme of the
book seems to be the relationship o f man to beast, better then
than now. The witty text and vibrant illustrations can be used to
good advantage by teacher or parent to illustrate kindness to an­
imals within the Noah story.
a n z
, Y
A lef to tav.
Illus. by Michael Horen. Brooklyn,
NY :
Mesorah, 1989. unp. (6-10
A sensible and effective Hebrew language alphabet book that
opens from right to left, with the whole alphabet on the first page.
For each letter there are two pages that demonstrate its usage
in various ways. The illustrations are ordinary objects and scenes
that are easy to understand even though they are done in garish
airbrushed colors. Both the Ashkenazic and Sephardic pronunci­
ations are given.
Hello Heddy Levi.
Illus. by Harvey Klineman. New York:
Feldheim, 1989. I l l p. (8-12)
A year in the life of eleven-year-old Heddy Levi who is smart
in school, but scatterbrained. Each chapter describes another mis­
hap. Perhaps fewer mishaps, better developed, would have made
Heddy a more fully realized character.
The little old lady who couldn’t fa l l asleep.
Illus. by Yisrael
Ben-Yosef. Brooklyn, NY: Mesorah, 1989. unp. (6-10)
The little old lady does everything to ensure sleep, but can’t,
so she goes to the doctor. After that, the story switches in tone