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from charming whimsy to silly realism and ends by teaching chil­
dren to be considerate of others.
Tali’s slippers, Tova’s shoes.
Illus. by Liat Benyaminy Ariel.
Brooklyn, NY: Mesorah, 1989. unp. (5-9)
Older sister Tali, learns good values from younger sister Tova
in a charming family story about sharing. These values are logically
integrated into the story, not tacked on the end.
The wonderful world we live in: a youth introduction to Tehillim
Illus. by Liat Benyaminy Ariel. Brooklyn, NY: Mesorah, 1989.
unp. (7-11)
Yaffa Ganz provides factual descriptions, thought questions, and
allusions to legend to accompany the words of Psalm 104. Ariel’s
watercolor illustrations create a sense o f the richness and vastness
of the world.
Gates of Wonder: a prayerbook fo r very young children.
Texts by: Orkand,
Robert, Orkand, Joyce and Bogot, Howard I. Illus. by Neil
Introduces young children to the traditional prayers of the Jew­
ish people in age-level appropriate language and examples. A lead­
er’s or parent’s guide is available.
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Does God have a big toe? Stories about stories in the Bible.
Illus. by Oscar de Mejo. New York: Harper, 1989. 88 p. (9-12)
Variations on biblical legends about Creation, the Garden of
Eden, Babel, Rebekah and Jacob, Joseph, Moses and Joshua. They
are at times witty, wise, even irreverent, and unforgettable.
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Eli and his little white lie.
Illus. by Linda Snowden,
airbrush color by Michael Horen. Brooklyn, NY: Mesorah, 1989.
unp. (5-9)
Eli thinks the little white lie that visited him when he first told
a lie is so cute, he takes it everywhere. As he continues to lie it
grows larger and darker, until it takes over. A dream shows him
how to chase it away and Eli mends his ways.
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Sophie’s name.
Illus. by Shelly O. Haas. Rockville,
MD: Kar-Ben, 1990 (7-9)
Sophie-Davida Finkle-Cohen wants to change her lengthy name
to a shorter one, like “Sue Ann,” until the derivation of each of
her names is explained to her. Sweet and warm all over and useful
for discussing naming in Jewish life.
Haneirot halalu (These lights are holy: a home celebration o f Chanuka).
by Elise D. Frishman. Illus. by Leonard Baskin. New York: CCAR,
1989. 48 p. (adults with children)
A simple retelling of the story that builds up to an exciting con­
clusion each night o f candle-lighting. Includes poetic prayer-
readings, nightly blessings in Hebrew and English with translit-