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time-line and glossary are appended . Ano ther great Bar/Bat Mitz­
vah gift.
u r w i t z
, J
o h a n n a
Hurray fo r Ali Baba Bernstein.
Illus. by Gail Owens.
New York: Morrow J r . Books, 1989. 104 p. (7-11)
When Ali Baba Bernstein and Natalie Gomez mistake a bea rded
gentleman for Santa Claus and ask him to deliver unclaimed
C h ris tm as p re sen ts to Jew ish ch ild re n , San ta C laus (Sam
Cooperman) explains why this is not a good idea and winds up
whispering “Happy H anukkah” in Ali Baba’s ear. T h e only one
o f six stories to have relevance to Jewish issues, it offers an u n ­
derstated , bu t effective en tree to discussion o f the “Christmas-
H anukkah” issue.
a r k o w s k y
, N
a n c y
Grandma’s soup.
Illus. by Shelly O. Haas. Rockville,
MD: Kar-Ben, 1989. 32 p. (4-8)
Grandma, the best chicken-soup maker in the world, begins to
pu t the wrong ingredients in the soup. Even worse, she forgets
her grandchildren . Her illness is explained to the children real­
istically, and they are reassured that despite how sick grandm a
gets, the family will always love and care for he r and continue
to visit. A poignant story with sensitive illustrations in mu ted grays
and mauve.
im m e l
, E
r i c
Hershel and the Hanukkah goblins.
Illus. by T r in a Schart
Hyman. New York: Holiday House, 1989. 32 p. (5-8)
Any folkloric story can be adap ted to a Jewish holiday, with
talent and imagination. Here, Hershel o f Ostropol, the wanderer,
is looking forward to celebrating Hanukkah in the next village.
Instead, he finds the villagers cowering because goblins have taken
over the synagogue. He spends eight haun ted nights trying to trick
the goblins, and on the eighth he does by outwitting the king o f
the goblins. Expert telling and marvelous spooky pictures.
u s t a n o w i t z
, S
h u l a m i t
Henrietta Szold: Israel’s helping hand.
by Robert Masheris. (Women o f O u r Time Series), New York:
Viking/Kestrel, 1990. 43 p. (7-11)
An excellent biography o f considerable dep th , written for young
readers. H enrietta Szold, a most remarkable figure, was ahead
o f he r times. A scholar, an au tho r, a hum an itarian , she was also
very much a woman.
a i r d
, C
h r i s t a
Shadow of the wall.
New York: Greenwillow, 1990. 138
p. (12 + )
A realistic novel with excellent characterizations o f life inside
the Warsaw Ghetto and the orphanage o f Dr. Janus Korczak, its
director. While the brutality o f ghetto life is not avoided, its de ­
piction o f people, their relationships and feelings, and especially
o f Dr. Korczak, gives the book its power.