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son the Queen. Both Marlowe and Shakespeare write anti-Semitic
plays based on the Lopez character. A 12-year-old Marrano boy,
Robin, argues on beha lf o f Lopez with Shakespeare, in whose plays
he acts, and convinces him to re-write the play, while his sister
Frances pleads Lopez’ case to the Queen. She acknowledges Lopez’
innocence bu t says that England is not yet ready to receive Jews
and o the r strangers. A riveting story.
o r r i s
, A
n n
When will the fighting stop: a child's view ofJerusalem.
cept and pho tographs by Lily Rivlin. New York: A theneum , 1989.
unp. (4-8)
A photographic essay about Jerusalem , its varied people and
political problems as seen and told by a young Jewish boy who
lives in the Old City. Rivlin, a seventh-generation Jerusalem ite ,
has recently finished a film about the cu rren t Mid-East situation:
“I f Not Now, When? Peace Now.”
e r l o v e
, M
i r i a m
Illus. by the au thor. Niles, 111.: Albert
Whitman, 1989. unp . (3-6)
Hanukkah concepts are presen ted in rhymed verse, enhanced
by the au th o r’s soft watercolors o f historical events and contem ­
porary scenes that show comfortable family relationships. T h e fi­
nal illustration that substitutes Jewish children from all over the
world for candles in a Hanukkiah is especially lovely. T h e illus­
trated glossary is probably for adults.
Illus. by the au thor. Niles, 111.: Albert Whitman,
1989. unp . (3-6)
briefly retells the story o f the Exodus before it describes
the seder — its prepara tion , the company who attend , the Four
Questions, the seder plate, hun ting for the afikomen and waiting
for Elijah, all in rhymed couplets. The text is more successful here
than in
and the illustrations equally compelling. “About
Passover” on the last page is intended as instruction for adults.
a r a i s o
, A
v i v a
Jewish food and drink.
Illus. New York: Bookwright/
Watts, 1989. 48 p. (8-12)
Part o f a series for public schools and libraries. Begins with an
overview o f the area, discusses how food is produced , processed
and p repared and introduces holiday specialities. Includes recipes.
Glossary and bibliography appended .
a t t e r s o n
, J
o s e
Mazal-tov: a Jewish wedding.
Photos by Liba Taylor.
England: Hamish Hamilton (The Way We Live Series), 1988. 24
p. (8-10)
A Jewish family p repares for a d augh te r’s wedding and readers
are included up to the reception. Wedding customs are explained.
Simple, informative writing. Glossary appended .