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moved into he r sand-lot Tel Aviv neighborhood. An absorbing
po rtra it o f a young girl’s discovery o f self, set in Israel, 1958.
e v e l a
, E
p h r a im
We were not like other people.
T r . from the Russian
by Antonina W. Bouis. New York: H a rper, 1989. 240 p. (12 + )
These stories about a young refugee trying to survive af te r
World War II, can be read sequentially, o r separately. He is forced
to lie and steal, and yearns for home. The Jewish experience, es­
pecially anti-Semitism, is stressed throughou t. Brutally frank , but
also funny and sensitive.
e u t s c h
, B
e t s y
l a t k i n
One little goat
Had Gadya.
Northvale, NJ:
Jason Arinson, 1990. unp . (all ages)
An elegant and enchanting presentation o f the traditional song
sung at the Seder. Includes glossary and music.
h o r n e
, J
e n n y
Baby’s Bible stories.
Illus. New York: Aladdin, 1989.
unp . bd. (1-5)
Simple presentations o f the stories o f Adam and Eve, Jonah
and the Whale, Noah’s Ark and The Walls o f Jericho. Two short
sentences per page, embellished by colorful, attractive illustrations
and decorative borders.
o p e k
, S
u s a n
Israel is.
b y
Katherine Kahn. Rockville, MD: Kar-
Ben, 1989. 12 p. (3-7)
The first o f Kar-Ben’s books that is not on-target age-wise. Il­
lustrations show Israel’s contrasts: old and new cities, seas and
lakes, farms and villages, mountains and deserts. The illustrations
are too complicated for a board book and would have been better
suited for a regu lar picture book.
i l l i a m s
, M
a r c i a
Jonah and the whale.
Illus. by the au thor. New York:
Random House for Young Readers, 1989. 32 p. (3-7)
A simple, charm ing retelling o f Jo n ah ’s refusal to follow God’s
command and his resulting sojourn in the whale’s belly. Illustrated
by a series o f pastel panels runn ing across each page.
o l f f
, F
e r i d a
Pink slippers, bat mitzvah blues.
Phila.: Jewish Publication
Society, 1989. 137 p. (10-14)
A sympathetic po rtra it o f a girl whose sense o f duty to a sick
friend — shaped by values learned in her bat-mitzvah class —
conflicts with he r ambition to dance in a production o f the Nu t­
o l f f
, M
a r io n
r e y e r
The shrinking circle: memories of Nazi Berlin
Illus. photos. New York: UAHC, 1989. 133 p. (10-14)
An autobiography that starts with the au tho r’s childhood days
in Nazi Berlin and continues th rough he r experiences while es­
caping to America. Most memoirs are for adults, bu t this is suitable
for o lder children and has been carefully researched, containing