Page 266 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 48

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Introductions, translations and concise commentary with Hafta-
rahs. Tr. and annotated by Meir Zlotowitz. Overviews and intro­
ductions by Nosson Scherman. Brooklyn, Mesorah Publications,
1989. 349 p.
n"iw n x ’p .minn nvtzna ^a *?y pxityai v o i tx 'any ^y mbu; m a n a
.. .*?m m a im a a
pxwan Tiaa1? .m p aV?tp nxa mm ’amm
/ay T"ap .a"awn /" ixnnx 'i 'w » ma V?ian T ^p n a
pro /pVpna .pro pan a i nxa a n w a i a’ttrrrn ,naian
b y
]n m a i n
/ay r x
n ,p’9x*ia
mx’x maVn ,aita o r maVn Dmx’a V?ia nVw^iwa nana
,v v
n an a
n ty s n^n m ^x nxa .o"wn n rn o a a’an rm om x ’a /p^sm
/ay n"op .a"wn ^ s x n a p r s /p'rpna
,ma"ia 'oa Vy B’tznTm om x ’a Vna :t p^n xpn r’ n an a
/ay r o p .e"awn ^ s x n a pro , r^ p n a . p n a apys nxa .naio
“iwx .mana fnaw mm nawai anna mmaw nnamn *?y i m t y n an a
/ l^ p n a .yVxpoa p’P’x m itznp
anaa naia mnx Yxwn
/ay r'apn
^nx^ mf?m — y*?xpa n ’om T'ama
Vxnty nxa .noo
man ^y cnTsi an x a nx’x’ ’ray Vy bKnur> n^ ixa
pa^o /pVpna
.a ^ p o p 's ,mxan
t i x
nasty wx-i ,pnap n y ^ x
/ay a"p .y'wn ^Dxna
pnxs omax nxa .naiwn ma*?n a/7aana an ix ’ai a’tzmn ,pny> nm aa
n"-i .a"awn ,
na’ty — na’tyn n n p /x,,»mx ^Vpm .rpxm o
oy .-frxa nwa Vxiaw nxa .p"nma anam w m n ,Kau Kna (unuaip)
/ay n " i .a"awn / 'p ’sxna nnaw„ D'ma /[^ p n a .yiTan nana
□max sa-i
laa /vanpa ’a n a ’an
v n m fnn /a n n t t n ^ n a
.^mx o m a x * r Vy maiam msom ia isoia nny .ponaa ra an
/ay x"ap . a 'w n / '^ n s a nat,, naa ^ p r n
oisia , .n .a /D’o ix’av
a,l7 nnx nxa .pVin naoa *?y n nK ma
/ay 148 .n"awn ,oma amxn
o"wa a’any naaa . ..D’pnaia anana a^anaa p i p ,pnttr» n r^ a
.tj7/awn / 'p ’sxna nnaw,, s"Ta ^nx* va .nyftys /,lna nxa .crpoiDi
/ay a7,w
.l^pina .ix-ia ^ixw nxa .nawn wx-i
Vy n’w irn ^ a i b n n nan
's i T"o .D"awn ^xaiyno ’ax ^ov
y rn nam .xa*?ma nxa m,l?x nxa nmno mnax lama Vna
n a n
.niDDin oy nanan laa v,y n x 1? xxs nny .Vya-ixs a’*? min,> v,y
/ay 144 ,16 .n"awn ^xVa pnx’ ap y anaa ,v^pna
Vy Yxa n a i .nyx^xr m nxa .xa^an x-mna
n " n y mn n a n
xam nyxVxT axr n^xa nxa o"wn nvaioi a^ama ^ ’x^aa ,mm
nyx^xr axt -i’xa ,r*?pna nyx^xi a^n nanan laa mVmwna n'^a*?
/ay n"sp ,i"y-i .n"awn
— nawn wxn :iiwx*i p^n .ana^o^a Vxn nxa .n n jn n
b y
n a n
/ay nr,xn .ar/awn / 'a ^ w i i ’,, a n s a nxxm ,r*?pina .am san an