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1990 National Jewish Book Awards
h e
a n d r a
r a n d
a n d
r ik
e i n t r a u b
w a r d
From That Place and Time: A Memoir 1938-1947,
by Lucy S.
Dawidowicz (W.W. Norton)
In this haunting memoir Lucy S. Dawidowicz presents her
special point o f view as an American witness to the prelude
to the Holocaust. She went to Vilna in 1938, and as an intern
at the Vilna Scientific Institute (European parent organization
o f the Y IVO ) she became involved with individuals and a world
that was about to end. Dawidowicz escaped the catastrophe in
the nick o f time. She writes movingly o f her anguish as she
closely followed the horrors o f the destruction. She describes
her return to Europe after the war to work among the survivors
and to help restore to Y IVO some o f the library o f the Vilna
center. Dawidowicz’s memoir allows us to take full measure o f
the Holocaust and understand that it was not only people who
were put to death, but a vital culture.
n i t a
a n d
a r t i n
h a p o l s k y
w a r d
Number the Stars,
by Lois Lowry (Houghton Mifflin)
Lois Lowry has created a beautifully written story o f adven­
ture and courage that will enrich young readers in the decades
to come. Annemarie Johansen is an ordinary ten-year-old, living
in Copenhagen in 1943. She and her best friend, Ellen Rosen,
are absorbed in school activities and athletics, but are also aware
o f the food shortages, the activities o f the Resistance, and are
fearful o f the ever-present German soldiers. Annemarie discov­
ers the bravery and pride in the people she knows, and in her­
self. With her courage and quick thinking, she deceives the Nazi
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