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soldiers and helps the Rosens escape to Sweden.
Number the Stars
is a moving depiction o f life in wartime Denmark.
M a r c i a a n d L o u i s P o s n e r A w a r d
by Esther Silverstein Blanc; illustrated by Tennessee
Dixie (Volcano Press)
This tender story about an orphaned colt lovingly raised by
the author’s mother, not only describes how a Jewish family
maintained its identity in the midst o f the Wyoming prairie,
but is also a metaphor for all healthy relationships that must
change and grow. When financial hardship forces the family
to leave their Wyoming homestead and move to town, Berchick
cannot accompany them. Tearfully, Mama tells Berchick
goodbye, and softly advises him to “go and make your own
way in the world.” Eventually, Mama learns that Berchick has
joined a herd o f wild horses and is living just as he should —
happily and in freedom. The richly detailed black and white
illustrations help authentically to capture the prairie atmosphere
and the personality o f the characters.
M u r i e l a n d P h i l B e rm a n A w a r d
Prayer and Community: The Havurah in American Judaism,
by Riv-
Ellen Prell (Wayne State University Press)
Riv-Ellen Prell has cogently and gracefully portrayed the d if­
ficulties which can surround prayer and community in our time.
She explores some o f the ways in which authentic Jewish ap­
proaches can be interwoven with contemporary cultural themes.
With the anthropologist’s practiced eye, Prell helps us to ap­
preciate both the tensions and the possibilities o f relationships
to one another and to what is beyond. Her book is an interesting
and valuable study that tells us about the Havurah and also
much more.
W i l l i a m a n d J a n i c e E p s t e in A w a r d
Five Seasons,
A . B .
Yehoshua (Doubleday)
The writings o f Israeli novelist A.B. Yehoshua have a political