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impact that goes beyond the Zionist speeches for which he is
justly famous. His fiction is read by Israel’s political leaders who
wish to grasp the mood o f daily life in the Jewish State.
a “novel o f middle age and metaphysics,” as one judge
called it, gives English readers in this excellent translation by
Hillel Halkin a faithful picture o f the inner life o f an Israeli
“Everyman” as it recreates the atmosphere o f the country at
L e o n J o l s o n A w a r d
A Cup of Tears: A Diary of the Warsaw Ghetto,
by Abraham Lewin
/edited by Antony Polonsky (Basil Blackwell)
According to Emanuel Ringelblum, creator o f the under­
ground archive in the Warsaw Ghetto, “Everyone wrote — jour­
nalists, authors, teachers, social activists, young people, even
children.” They were determined to record for posterity’s sake
all aspects o f the tragic ordeal that they were undergoing. One
such person was Abraham Lewin, a 47-year-old school teacher.
Part o f his book, covering the period between April 1942 to
January 1943, was found after the war hidden in a milk can.
It is a compelling document, which offers significant illumina­
tion o f the horrendous events which were hidden at that time
from the outside world. Antony Polonsky’s introduction and
notes serve well in providing context and important background
information to this deeply moving journal.
o r r i s
a n d
e t t y
a p l u n
w a r d
A Mandate fo r Terror: The United Nations and the PLO,
by Harris
O. Schoenberg (Shapolsky Publishers)
Harris Schoenberg’s study records with meticulous scholar­
ship and clarity the international campaign to delegitimize the
State o f Israel in the different organs o f the United Nations.
He documents in comprehensive fashion the complicity o f a
majority o f the members o f the UN, acting for ideological or
for self-interested motives, in the assault on the international
standing o f Israel. The book has been chosen because o f its
valuable contribution to understanding the international cam­