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paign against Israel, and because it sets this issue within the
context o f the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Arab unwillingness
to recognize the legitimacy o f the State o f Israel.
e r r a r d
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w a r d
The Road to Modern Jewish Politics,
by Eli Lederhendler (Oxford
University Press)
Eli Lederhendler explores the previously neglected anteced­
ents to the watershed Russian pogroms o f 1881 and thus pro­
vides a cogent analysis o f the political legacy bequeathed to
nineteenth-century Russian Jewry. His is an extremely intelli­
gent and impressively researched study o f a crucial period in
modern Jewish history. He has assembled a large body o f
sources from different periods o f Jewish history and has sub­
jected them to sophisticated historical analysis. In the view o f
the judges the book breaks new ground in Jewish historiogra­
phy. The fact that it is well written and readable enhances its
value to students o f modern Jewish history.
D o n o r A n o n y m o u s
Jewish Preaching 1200-1800,
by Marc Saperstein (Yale University
Jewish ideas have come to most Jews over the centuries
through the preaching o f their rabbis. The extraordinarily rich
treasure o f Jewish homiletics has been brilliantly mined in this
volume. The sermons include writings from Spain, Italy, Tu r­
key, Holland, Poland, France, England and Bohemia. Graceful­
ly written and meticulously researched,
Jewish Preaching
will become a standard source o f the living reality
o f Jewish belief.
S a r a h
a n d J u l i u s K u s h n e r M e m o r i a l A w a r d
“Be Fertile and Increase, F ill the Earth and Master I t ”: The Ancient
and Medieval Career of a Biblical Text,
by Jeremy Cohen (Cornell
University Press)