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A work o f imaginative sweep, and erudition, Jeremy Cohen’s
study will be recognized as a major contribution to Jewish schol­
arship o f our period. By tracing the historical career o f Genesis
1:28, the author analyzes the rich exegetical layers which this
verse has elicited over the centuries. A fter first examining the
text in the light o f modern biblical scholarship, Cohen proceeds
to consider a wide range o f Jewish and Christian interpretations.
The verse enables Cohen to engage in a far-reaching interdis­
ciplinary project which views many o f the fundamental concepts
o f Western civilization in a new light.
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a n d
o s h u a
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The Jews in America,
edited by David Cohen (Collins Publishers)
Requiring little more than an identifying caption, or a succinct
gloss, the photographs in
The Jews in America
speak for them­
selves. Subjects range from traditional or innovative celebrations
o f festivals and life-cycle events to the Jewish participation in
quintessentially American events and life-styles. A spectrum o f
portraits — as mundane as the bagel-maker, as majestic as the
members o f the Burial Society, as momentous as the new Soviet
immigrants — is treated respectfully by the camera eye. The
project which produced this volume under the skilled editorship
o f David Cohen has brought together talent and technology
to create a vivid record o f the contemporary Jewish condition
in all its vitality, as uniquely experienced in the USA.