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1924, he transfe rred most o f his students to a sister yeshivah
he established in Hebron , Palestine. This latter yeshivah was
removed to Jerusa lem af te r many o f the students were killed
in the 1929 riots. Epstein achieved prom inence by the m anne r
in which he app roached talmudic study. A collection o f his lec­
tures was published in fou r volumes in Warsaw in 1924. W he th­
e r this had any relation to the fact that the yeshiva was moved
to Hebron in the same year has not been determ ined . In any
event, all o the r editions o f his many works were published in
Jerusa lem bu t a second volume o f his commentaries on Baba
Metsia appeared in New York City af te r World War II.
In 1927, Rabbi Solomon Nathan Kotler, who had served as
a rabbi in several communities in Lithuania and jo ined the fac­
ulty o f the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Yeshiva in New York City,
published a talmudic work entitled
Bet Shelomoh.
T h a t same year,
Rabbi Chaim Isaac Korb arrived in America. Korb was bo rn
in Latvia in 1872 and had served as a rabbi in many communities
in Eastern Europe. Following the war, he arrived in America
where he first served as a rabbi in Harlem and in 1928 was
appo in ted as a Rosh Yeshiva in Chicago. In 1927, the year o f
his arrival in America, he published a commentary on the T a l­
mud entitled
Netivot Hayyim.
A second volume appeared in 1939.
This period also marks the appearance o f many works by
Louis Ginzberg, an internationally renowned talmudic scholar
who, in the non-yeshivah world, was considered the ou tstand ing
figure in this field. Ginzberg was born in L ithuania in 1873
and studied at various yeshivot in that country. In 1899
Ginzberg came to the United States originally to serve on the
faculty o f the Hebrew Union College. T h a t position did no t
materialize and Ginzberg jo ined the staff o f the
Jewish Encyclo­
as the ed ito r o f the rabbinic depa rtm en t. In 1903 he jo ined
the faculty o f the Jewish Theological Seminary as a professor
o f Talm ud and remained in tha t position until his dea th in 1953.
I t is difficult to categorize many o f G inzberg’s contributions to
the field o f rabbinic scholarship bu t certainly the publication
o f
Ginze Shechter
by the Jewish Theological Seminary beginning
in 1928 is one o f his main works falling into the category o f
Talm ud and Midrash.
Schmarya Loeb Hurwitz was born in Russia in 1878 and
served as the rabbi in Ekaterinoslav. He came to the United
States in 1906 and served as the rabbi o f several congregations