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in New York City. He achieved great fame as a preache r before
his dea th in 1938. Hurwitz was the au tho r o f at least 16 works
in Hebrew and Yiddish which were published in the United
States. In 1928 his first work in this area appeared , entitled
Kiryat Sefer
and concerning the Talm ud and talmudic literature.
T he following year marks the appearance in p r in t o f a p rom ­
inen t American talmudic scholar, Michael Higger. H igger was
born in Lithuania in 1898 and arrived in the United States in
1915 where he continued his studies at New York and Columbia
Universities and the Jewish Theological Seminary. His main
fame and contribution to Jewish scholarship was the editing of
various rabbinic texts which he published with introductions.
In 1929 he published
Masekhtot Tseirot
and the
Aggadot ha-
In 1937 he published
Aggadot ha-Mishnah
and the fol­
lowing year the beginning o f a ten-volume collection entitled
Otsar ha-Beraitot.
This work which includes annotated collections
o f over ten thousand beraitot serves as a standard reference
tool for talmudic students.
The year 1929 also marks the appearance o f the first pub ­
lication o f the internationally renowned talmudic scholar Saul
Lieberman. Born in White Russia, Lieberman studied in yeshi-
vot in Russia. Afterwards he attended the University o f Kiev
and later studied in France. He also studied at the Hebrew Uni­
versity in Jerusa lem where he was appointed lecturer in Talmud
in 1931. In 1940 he was invited to serve as a professor at the
Jewish Theological Seminary o f America and nine years later
he was appo in ted Dean o f the Seminary’s Rabbinical School.
Lieberman made major contributions in the field o f rabbinic
scholarship with his publications on the Jerusalem Talmud and
the Tosefta . D u ring the per iod u n d e r discussion, all o f
Lieberman’s works were published in Jerusalem . His American
publications did not appear until af te r World War II.
Th e year 1929 also marks the appearance o f the first volume
o f a whole series o f talmudic commentaries published by Rabbi
Moses Rosen. Rosen was born nea r G rodno in Russia and after
studying at various yeshivot he acquired a repu ta tion as a most
diligent scholar. He was orda ined by Rabbi Isaac Elchanan
Spector. A fter serving in various communities, he arrived in
the United States in 1928. He was elected an honorary president
o f the Union o f O rthodox Rabbis o f the United States and Can­
ada. Rosen was considered one o f the outstanding talmudic