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scholars in the United States and he published at least ten vol­
umes on various tractates o f the Talmud , all entitled
Nezer ha-
Several o f the volumes have appea red in more than one
This area o f rabbinic scholarship also shows a sizeable increase
for the period 1918-1939. During this time, no less than 33
volumes in this category were published compared to fifteen
noted in the ea rlier period.
In 1921, there appeared the first American publication o f
the internationally renowned biblical scholar, Hayyim Heller.
Heller, born in Poland in 1878, first served as a rabbi in Lomza.
He then established in 1922 a new type o f yeshivah in Berlin,
which attracted many graduates o f East European yeshivot in­
cluding the prom inen t American scholar, Rabbi Joseph Dov
Soloveitchik. In 1929 he jo ined the faculty o f the Rabbi Isaac
Elchanan Yeshivah in New York City. O f his num erous pub ­
lications in the area o f biblical scholarship, eight were published
outside the United States and th ree in America. T h e first to
be published in the United States was a study o f the Jerusa lem
T argum to the Bible which appeared in 1921 u n d e r the title
Ha-Targum ha-Yerushalmi la-Torah.
A philosophical in terp re ta tion o f many biblical passages in
a highly sophisticated style was p repa red by Rabbi Ju d a h Moses
Bayuk u n d e r the title
Imre Torat Mosheh
and was published in
New York in 1922. Bayuk was a ra th e r interesting individual.
He was the au tho r o f five scholarly works in Hebrew, which
will be noted below.
Bayuk was born in Bialystok, Russia in 1849 and , what was
very unusual for the time, was allowed to a ttend a government
school. He eventually became a lawyer and a tax collector for
the Czarist government. According to family tradition, Bayuk
was a friend o f Count Tolstoy and both were friendly with an
individual who was arres ted following the assassination o f Al­
exander II in 1881. Documents were found in the arres ted in­
dividual’s apa rtm en t signed by Tolstoy and Bayuk and as a con­
sequence Bayuk escaped from Russia and came to America.
Bayuk was one o f the founders o f the Am Olam Movement
and as a result o f this involvement was one o f the founders