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In 1919, Rabbi Hayyim H irschensohn, a p rom inen t and p ro ­
lific au tho r, also published a book o f responsa entitled
H irschensohn was born in Safed, Palestine in 1857
and arrived in the United States in 1904. He served as the rabbi
in Hoboken, NJ until his dea th in 1935. H irschensohn was active
in Zionism, served as a delegate to the Zionist Congress in Basle
and au tho red a dozen works published in America, Europe and
In 1922, the well-known talmudist Louis Ginzberg published
an extensive study on the ceremonial use o f wine in Jewish law.
T h a t same year an extensive responsum was published relating
to the problem o f impotence in marriage. T h e au tho r was Dr.
Ju d ah Eliakim Goldberg o f Brooklyn, a p rom inen t stomach spe­
cialist in the city. Even the very critical Ephraim Deinard was
very complimentary in his evaluation o f this study and pointed
ou t tha t here was a work by a prom inen t doctor which could
well compete and compare with rabbinic lite ra tu re published
by ou tstand ing rabbinic authors. T h e title o f the work was
Zeev Biedenwitz, a native o f Jerusa lem , arrived in the United
States in the early 1920s. He published a series o f pamphlets
all entitled
Divre Zeev,
each o f which contained either sermonic
material o r responsa. At least th ree were published in New York
City between 1923 and 1926. Apparently Biedenwitz relied on
the publication o f the pamphlets as his source o f income.
Rabbi Morris Benjamin Tom asho ff was born in Slutzk, Russia
in 1878. He studied in yeshivot in Europe and was o rda ined
by the internationally famous scholar Rabbi Isser Zalman
Meltzer. In 1912 he arrived in the United States and in 1916
began publishing the rabbinic jou rn a l
Yagdil Torah,
a con tinu ­
ation o f an earlier jou rn a l by that name which he had published
together with Rabbi Meltzer while still in Europe. This jou rn a l
app e a red un til 1921 and because o f its con ten ts, Rabbi
T om asho ff soon acquired a wide repu ta tion as a capable rab ­
binic authority. In 1925 he published a book entitled
which consisted primarily o f responsa. A second title
containing similar material began to appea r in 1938.
Volume two appeared in 1947 and the two final volumes o f
that collection appeared in 1959.
Rabbi Ju d a h Rosenberg was born in Poland in 1860. He s tud ­
ied in various yeshivot and became widely known as a competen t