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earlier also written a commentary on the Aggadah in the Tal­
At least fifteen editions o f the Haggadah appeared which
were published by commercial establishments o r schools. This
practice was in troduced in the pre-war period. The Haggadah
was the most popu lar publication in American Jewish life. Wom­
en purchased additional groceries and provisions for the hol­
idays and in most instances the Haggadah was provided free
by the grocer. The business establishments used the Haggadah
as a means o f advertising. T h e schools were involved in ano ther
m anner. Generally they would send copies o f the Haggadah
to Jewish households soliciting a donation for the institution.
T h e following businesses were responsible for Haggadot that
appeared : the Bank o f the United States, the State Bank and
T ru s t Company, and the General Foods Corporation which is­
sued at least six editions o f the Haggadah. The following schools
also were responsible for publishing Haggadot: the Beth Jacob
Teachers Seminary o f America, the Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Ber­
lin, the Yeshiva Rabbi Israel Salanter, and the Rabbi Solomon
Kluger School.
One o f the most interesting editions o f the Haggadah that
appeared at this time was produced by Ju d ah David Eisenstein.
Eisenstein, who has been mentioned previously, was born in
Poland in 1854 and em igrated to America in 1872. He was a
successful coat m anufacturer, bu t his claim to fame rests on
the large num ber o f works he produced in Hebrew. Although
he also published original research and translations, he was re ­
sponsible for a large num ber o f anthologies, all o f which bear
the title
(treasure). Because o f that, he was known as the
“master o f treasures.” As far as the Haggadah which he pub ­
lished in 1920 is concerned, it includes in addition to the text
a collection o f classic commentaries and illustrations which has
become very popu lar and has gone th rough at least two o ther
editions, one in 1947, and one in the 1980s. Eisenstein also pub ­
lished a Haggadah with a Hebrew introduction and English and
Hebrew captions in 1928 and an English translation with an ­
notations in 1933.