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An im po rtan t rabbinic jou rn a l ,
made its app e a r­
ance in New York City in 1936. Published by the Association
o f O rthodox Rabbis o f the City o f New York, it was edited by
Rabbi Nissen Telushkin. T h e jo u rn a l included the features com­
mon to others o f this genre, namely articles by p rom inen t rabbis
in America on issues confron ting the religious Jewish commu­
nity, responsa by American rabbis and also by p rom inen t schol­
ars from earlier periods and general information on events in
American Jewish life. A section o f the jo u rn a l also was published
in Yiddish to appeal to the non-scholarly O rthodox community.
T he jou rn a l lasted until 1947 and serves as a major resource
o f knowledge and information about issues agitating and con­
fron ting American Jewish life.
O f g rea ter endu rance was the rabbinic jou rn a l
which was established by Rabbi Samuel Aaron Pardes. Pardes
was born in Poland in 1892 and af te r studying at various ye­
shivot practiced as a rabbi in various communities in Eastern
Europe. In 1913, he established the jou rn a l and a f te r settling
in America in 1924 continued its publication.
was an
unusual rabbinic jou rn a l because it attracted scholarly articles
and responsa, typical features in such a jou rna l, from all seg­
ments o f the O rthodox Jewish community.
as an informal spokesman for the Union o f O r thodox Rabbis
o f the United States and Canada. It is still published to this
day, the editorship having gone to Rabbi Symcha Elberg in the
mid-1950s, af te r the dea th o f Rabbi Pardes.