Page 98 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 48

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books is no t as aesthetically pleasing as tha t in o lder publications,
bu t speed and cost-effectiveness are the criteria here. U n fo r­
tunately, com pu ter produced books are not free o f the same
kind o f typographical erro rs which plague the ir more old-
fashioned peers. Some trade publishers, most notably Garland,
Greenwood, Scarecrow and Westview, have welcomed bibliog­
raphies o f Jewish interest into the ir ongoing series.
T he criteria for selecting bibliographies for inclusion in this
survey were: bibliographies o f books o f Jewish in terest (broadly
defined as the kinds o f books reviewed in the
Jewish Book An­
published in the decade 1980-1990, mainly in English,
containing over 100 pages o f text.
A few exceptions were made: Marcia Posner’s volume was
only 97 pages long; the subject heading, “Anti-Semitism and
Holocaust” was ex tended to include the volume on genocide;
Robert Singerman’s
Judaica Americana
had not been published
by deadline and was seen in page-proofs. Bio-bibliographies o f
Jews whose work was not considered o f Jewish interest were
excluded. Some bio-bibliographies o f Jewish interest, e.g. on
Sidney Hook and on Je rom e Rothenberg, were not included
because they were not seen by deadline.
T h e second edition o f
Anglo-American Cataloging Rules
(AACR2), “the sacred scripture o f academic libraries in the
English-speaking world,” considers the compiler o f a bibliog­
raphy to be its au tho r. Thus, each item has been en tered und e r
the name o f its compiler. Where there are two authors the sec­
ond name appears in the statement o f responsibility. Edited
volumes are en tered un d e r title. T h e choice o f subject headings
was somewhat arbitrary. Many o f these bibliographies can easily
fit into two o r more subject areas.
No attemp t was made to evaluate the scholarly contributions
o f the bibliographies. The b rie f annotations give basic in fo rm a­
tion as to methodology, num ber o f entries, languages included,
and presence o f indexes.