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Antisemitism: an Annotated Bibliography.
Edited by Susan Sarah Cohen,
the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study o f
Antisemitism, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. New York: Garland,
(v. 1-) [I have not yet seen v. 2] (Garland Reference
Library o f Social Science; v. 366)
Volume one contains 1,225 entries in English, European lan­
guages, Hebrew and Yiddish, organized by date and place, o f
works about anti-Semitism published in 1984-1985, except for
newspaper articles, reviews, and fiction. There is a section with
87 entries on anti-Semitism in literature and the arts, and appen­
dixes o f current anti-Semitic periodicals and o f bibliographies on
anti-Semitism and Holocaust published prior to 1984.
B r a h am , R a n d o l p h
The Hungarian Jewish Catastrophe: a Selected and
Annotated Bibliography.
2nd. ed. rev. and enl. New York, N.Y.: So­
cial Science Monographs and Institute for Holocaust Studies o f
the City University o f New York, 1984. xv, 501 p. (East European
Monographs; no. 162)
Contains 2,479 entries, most in Hungarian, dealing with all as­
pects o f the Holocaust and post-war era in Hungary. Introduction
and annotations provide explanations. Includes four indexes: au­
thors, names [of people mentioned in books], geographic and sub­
C a r g a s , H a r r y
The Holocaust: an Annotated Bibliography.
2nd. ed.
Chicago & London: American Library Association, 1985. viii, 196
Contains over 500 entries organized into fourteen categories,
including the Holocaust in the arts. The last section, “Researching
the Holocaust: Guidance for Students,” by Dan Shomron, lists pe­
riodicals and names and addresses o f resource centers. Regional
and author-title indexes. Limited to books in English published
in the United States. Compiler is a “post-Auschwitz Catholic” who
regards the Holocaust as “one o f the greatest Christian tragedies
in history.”
E d e l h e i t , A b r a h am
Bibliography on Holocaust Literature,
by Abraham
J. Edelheit and Hershel Edelheit. Boulder & London: Westview,
1986. xxxvi, 842 p.
Contains 9,014 entries organized into four historical sections,
each with introduction, subdivided into twenty topical chapters.
Includes books and articles in English, institutions, audio-visual
aids, theses and unpublished works. Some entries are annotated.
Author index.