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tences.1 Mapu succeeded especially in his second book for ad ­
vanced learners (
Amon Padgog,
1867). The sentences which he
suggestd for drill purposes are more natura l than those found
in the books by Ahn and O llendo rf and in o ther Hebrew text­
books. Usually they possess Jewish o r general didactic value and
in some cases are phrased like proverbs. Moreover, Mapu in­
troduced continuity between his sentences and from the middle
o f the book on they go to make up a ch ildren’s action tale.
Joseph Klausner republished this story und e r the name
(1920). It reappea red in a num ber o f editions and is
considered to be the first ch ildren’s book in ou r modern Hebrew
Despite the distinct advantages o f Mapu’s books over o ther
texts based on the same method, Mapu did not succeed in dis­
seminating his books du ring his lifetime. Those o f Ben Ze’ev
continued to maintain their popularity du ring the 19th century.
By the end o f the century and the beginning o f the next one
the books o f I.H. Taviov (1858-1920) that were based on the
same approach were widely in use (
Eden ha-Yaladim,
1899. T h e latter was adap ted for
use in America and appeared in 1906 in New York where it
was very popular).
A num ber o f books based on the same approach appeared
also in America du ring the 19th century. A p ioneering work
was that o f E.N. Carvalho (1771-1817). Entitled
A Key to the
Holy Tongue
(Philadelphia, 1815), it serves as an introduction
to the language. Following a page devoted to the study o f the
alphabet there come the language lessons. The first 27 lessons
contain Hebrew words together with their English equivalents.
In lessons 28-40 there are presen ted verses and phrases from
the Bible together with their translations. T h en follows an in­
troduction to Hebrew grammar. The book was geared to young
people and adults, bu t it appears that it was used also for chil­
dren . It is to the credit o f the au tho r tha t he made use o f post-
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1. See on this my book
Teacher of Hebrew
(in Hebrew, Jerusalem: