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When in 1911 Marx considered re tu rn ing to Berlin to accept
a position there , Sulzberger indicated that he did not wish to
in terfe re bu t tha t in his opinion New York offered be tter p ros­
pects than Berlin. Marx, on his pa r t, ably charac terized
Sulzberger’s contribution in a letter he sent in 1918 on the oc­
casion o f the ju d g e ’s 75th birthday. He wrote: “When American
Jewish scholarship in time will take the rank it ough t to in p ro ­
portion to the num ber o f American Jews your name will always
be connected with its advance as the one who furn ished the
tools at a time when no one else foresaw that they might ever
be needed .”
How fo r tuna te for Jewish learning that two such men o f vision
and knowledge as Sulzberger and Marx were fired by the same
hope and motivated by the same dream .
As we go to press, we are saddened by the dea th on July
24, 1991 o f the master story-teller Isaac Bashevis Singer. The
took pa r t in lauding him for his Nobel Prize award in
vol. 37 (1979-80), when it published Harold U. Ribalow’s “Dev­
ils, Jews and I.B. Singer.” Previously it published Bashevis Sing­
e r ’s eloquent statement on “T h e Fu ture o f Yiddish and Yiddish
L itera tu re” (vol. 25 [1967-68]) and Joseph Lefwich’s “Bashevis
Singer in Yiddish L itera tu re” (vol. 27 [1969-70]). In 1963 the
Jewish Book Council presen ted its fiction award to the writer
for his novel
The Slave.
O u r p ro found thanks go to all the contributors who have
enriched ou r volume with their articles and studies and have
helped maintain its traditional trilingual character. T h e seven
bibliographies, which offer listings o f ou r literary ou tpu t in
America, Europe and Israel, cover broadly the period between
April 15, 1990 and April 15, 1991. We owe o u r gra titude to
the bibliographers who have as always placed us in their debt.
We again express ou r appreciation to the JCC Association
for sponsoring the activities and publications o f the Jewish Book
Council. We are pleased to acknowledge the suppo rt o f the
Lucius N. Littauer Foundation and the contributions o f the
Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation, the Morris J. and Betty
Kaplun Foundation, the I. Edward Kiev Foundation, the Joseph
Meyerhoff Fund, and the Irving and Bertha Neuman Founda­