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Librarian, Rick Burke. T h e process is a gradual one, and the
en tire conversion is expected to take ano the r five years.
Th e University Librarian has also begun the computerization
o f the Library. We have jo ined the RLG (Research Library
Group) as a special member, and are active in the Jewish and
Middle Eastern Studies (JAMES) program committee. RLG also
operates RLIN, the Research Libraries Inform ation Network.
RLIN contains records and books found in libraries nation wide,
gran ting access to over 160 d iffe ren t libraries. Critically for ou r
purposes, RLIN “speaks” Hebrew, enabling ou r cataloger to
type o r display Hebraica records in Hebrew as well as trans­
literation. Moreover, RLIN makes possible interlibrary loans
with o the r members o f the RLIN group .
As with all modern libraries, computerization represen ts a
great change in the operations o f the Ostrow library. With well
over 100,000 volumes in addition to some 30,000 pamphlets
and monographs, the University is better able to manage its
collection via computer.
T h e library boasts a num ber o f special collections, products
o f various gifts and donations over the years. Initially the library
grew th rough bequests from local Rabbis and scholars, many
o f whom had collections salvaged from Europe. The library still
maintains a num ber o f works in Yiddish on radical and Bundist
themes, as well as rabbinic works in a num ber o f languages
— Yiddish, Hungarian , Polish, Russian, etc.
Apart from the small and often specialized collections o f local
scholars, several prom inen t Rabbis donated sizable collections
which became the backbone o f the Ostrow library holdings. Rab­
bi Jacob Kohn o f Sinai Temp le donated his library with its ex­
tensive collection o f works in philosophy, theology and biblical
commentary. Rabbi Isaac Klein o f Buffalo donated his collection
o f works in Responsa, which numbered over 5,000 volumes,
as well as miscellaneous o the r works in related fields. Notable
as well were the gifts o f Rabbi Rudolph Lupo, direc tor o f the
Jewish Community Library, and Rabbi Morris Schussheim. O u r
homiletics collection was the gift o f Rabbi Sydney Guthman ,
and the ongoing gifts o f Rabbi Aaron Wise greatly augm en ted
library holdings in various fields. Two im po rtan t early collec­
tions came from the legacies o f Rabbis Philip Lipis and Morris
Margolis, respectively. T h e library also received from Dr.
Hyman Oxman an extensive collection o f Jewish National Fund