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The Genazim Institute
t h e
b i o
b i b l i o g r a p h i c a l
Genazim Institute o f the Hebrew
Writers Association in Israel was founded in 1951 in Tel Aviv.
The idea o f the Institute was conceived by the well-known au ­
tho r Asher Barash and af te r his death in 1952 it was decided
that the Institute be named after him.
During its early years the Institute was directed by Getzl
Kressel, who was followed by Shmuel Shihor. The present in­
cumbent, Dov Ben-Yaakov, has occupied the position since
1966. The Institute was established to serve as a depository for
all forms o f modern Hebrew literary creativity beginning with
Moses Hayyim Luzzatto.
It is the aim o f Genazim to maintain a full bibliographical
record o f Hebrew literary productivity, including books,
pamphlets and articles in the Hebrew original, as well as in
translation from world literature. It also seeks to collect articles
and critical evaluations about Hebrew authors appearing in
books, newspapers and periodicals.
In addition, it has become a depository for various types o f
materials: literary remains, photographs, pictures, newspaper
clippings, manuscripts, correspondence, dedicatory inscriptions,
recordings and the like, all o f which cast light on the work of
the writer. The various divisions o f the Institute maintain in
their files a wealth o f ra re information which is readily available
to any writer, scholar o r student.
The Institute has published a bulletin entitled
Yediot Genazim,
which contains information on new acquisitions. Each issue is
devoted to one o r more authors and lists their dates and an ­
niversaries. It also provides pictorial material and reproduces
letters and manuscript writings. To date, 107 issues o f this bul­
letin have appeared .
The Institute has also sponsored the publication o f 5 collective
volumes entitled
which are devoted to the history o f