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v i n e r y
70th birthday. Born in Beckum, Germany, September
10, 1922. In Palestine since 1933, he first was a member o f the
Revisionist movement, the radical Right o f Israel, only to go to
the other extreme and endeavor to emancipate Israel from Zion­
ism. For a while he served as a member o f the Kenesset. Such
works as
Israel Without Zionists
(1968), later edition,
Israel Without
Israel and the Palestinians
(1975), and
My Friend,
the Enemy
(1986), interviews with prominent Palestinians, such as
Yassir Arafat, represent his views forcefully.
Haim B e in a r t .
birthday. Born in Peskov, Russia, November
he has been in Palestine and has taught medieval
Jewish history at the Hebrew University. His particular interest
has been Spanish Jewry before the expulsion o f
Several o f
his works have appeared in English:
Records o f the Trials of the Span­
ish Inquisition in Ciudad Real
Trujillo, a Jewish Community
in Extremadura on the Eve of the Expulsion from Spain
Conversos on Trial: the Inquisition in Ciudad Real
it z h a k
o v
e r k o w i t z
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Slutsk,
Russia, in 1885, died in Tel Aviv, Israel, March 28, 1967. A prolific
writer in Hebrew and Yiddish, he dealt in his stories with the
dilemma o f the Russian Jew facing the modern world. As a son-
in-law o f Sholem Aleichem, he translated his works into Hebrew,
rendering an important service to Jewish literature by bringing
this Yiddish classic to the Hebrew readership. Between 1913 and
1928 he lived in the United States, where he edited Hebrew pe­
riodicals and wrote for Yiddish magazines, before migrating to
Palestine, where he spent the rest o f his life.
e ir
o s a k
80th birthday. Born in Cracow, Poland, May 21, 1912.
He studied general and Jewish subjects in Warsaw and wrote on
the history o f Polish Jewry in Hebrew and Polish. After surviving
World War II in Cracow and various German concentration
camps, he settled in Israel in 1949, where he has published several
collections o f poems and stories. He also edited a memorial volume
for Cracow Jewry.
e i n r i c h
r o d y
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Ungvar, Hun­
gary, in 1868, died in Jerusalem, May 7, 1942. Trained for the
modern rabbinate in Berlin, he came under the influence o f the
outstanding Jewish bibliographer, Moritz Steinschneider, and to­
gether with him edited a journal for Hebrew bibliography.
Throughout his career, as rabbi in Bohemia, finally, chief rabbi
o f Prague, and from 1933 director o f the Research Institute for
Hebrew Poetry established by Salman Schocken in Jerusalem, he
edited collections o f poetry by such authors as Judah ha-Levi, Sam­