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uel ha-Nagid, and Moses Ibn Ezra. One anthology appeared in
English translation,
The New-Hebrew School of Poets o f the Spanish
Arabic Epoch
ic h a e l
r e i z e n a c h
150th anniversary o f death. Born in Mainz, Ger­
many, in 1789, died in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, August 5r
1842. Among the first university-trained Jewish teachers in Ger­
many, he first headed a Jewish school in Mainz and later taught
at the Jewish high school in Frankfurt. He was an eager advocate
o f religious reform. Among his writings were textbooks on Judaism
as he understood it and a work he called
Shulchan Aruch,
a com­
parison o f biblical with rabbinic law, showing the difference be­
tween the two, thus justifying changes o f Jewish practice in his
io v a n n i
e r n a r d o
o s s i
200th anniversary o f birth. Born in
Castelnuovo, Italy, October 24, 1742, died in Parma, Italy, in 1831.
A learned Catholic priest, he assembled a large library o f Hebrew
books and manuscripts, which eventually became part o f the li­
brary o f the dukes o f Parma. Many recent editions o f medieval
rabbinic texts are based on manuscripts held by this library. He
also compiled a bibliography o f early Hebrew printed books with
biographical notes about their authors.
im o n
e d e r b u s c h
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Narol, Galicia,
February 15, 1892, died in New York in 1969. After traditional
studies at home, he trained for the modern rabbinate in Vienna.
Active in the Mizrachi movement in Galicia, he was elected to the
Polish parliament in the 1920s. From 1930-40 he served as chief
rabbi o f Helsinki, Finland, and then settled in New York, where
he was an Orthodox rabbi and was active in the World Jewish
Congress. He wrote many Hebrew books on Zionism, Hasidism,
and rabbinical literature, and also edited a three-volume series on
modern Jewish scholarship in Western Europe. In English there
The Jewish Concept of Labor
(1956) and
World Jewry Today
a l d o
r a n k
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Long Branch, New
Jersey, in 1889, died in New York, September 1, 1967. A prolific
writer o f novels and stories, he also wrote one work on the Jewish
problem during World War II,
The Jew in Our Day
(1944, 1945).
a l o m o n
r e e h o f
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in London,
England, August 8, 1892, died in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in
1990. A prominent Reform rabbi, serving a large congregation
in Pittsburgh for many years, also a national figure as president
o f the Central Conference o f American Rabbis and chair o f its
Responsa Committee, he has left a large number o f works to pos­
terity. To the Bible commentary series o f the Reform movement