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he contributed volumes on Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Exekiel, Psalms
and Job. As a student o f the traditional responsa literature, he
prepared an anthology in English translation,
A Treasury o f Respon­
(1963), and a book about this literature,
Responsa Literature
(1973). For the committed Reform Jew he authored several col­
lections o f responsa, such as
Reform Responsa
(1963, 1973),
Reform Responsa
Modern Reform Responsa
rary Reform Responsa
Reform Responsa fo r Our Time
New Reform Responsa
b r a h a m
r i e d l a n d
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Hordok,
Lithuania, July 1, 1892, died in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1939. In the
United States since 1907, he eventually became director o f the
Bureau o f Jewish Education in Cleveland, promoting vigorously
Jewish and Hebrew education, writing jointly with Emanuel
Gilenu, the Playway to Hebrew
(1934) for the religious
schools o f the Reform movement. He also published collections
o f poems and stories, featuring American Jewish life.
il h e lm
e s e n i u s
150th anniversary o f death. Born in Nordhausen,
Germany, in 1786, died in Halle, Germany, October 23, 1842.
A Christian Hebraist, who taught at the University o f Halle, he
authored Hebrew dictionaries and grammars that passed through
many editions in their original German as well as in English trans­
lation, such as
A Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament
(1853, 1979),
A Hebrew and English Lexicon o f the Old Tes­
(1836, 1854, 1883), and
Hebrew Grammar
(1839, 1845, 1846,
1852, 1880, 1910). He is considered among the first to have ini­
tiated comparative studies between Hebrew and other Semitic lan­
ic h a e l
o l d
25th anniversary o f death. Born in New York in 1893,
died near San Francisco, California, May 14, 1967. An enthusiastic
member o f the Communist Party throughout his life, he edited
the magazine,
New Masses,
for many years. He also wrote stories
reflecting his political views. He is best-known for his autobio­
graphical novel,
Jews Without Money
(1930, 1946, 1965), in which
he described the hardships o f the immigrant community on the
Lower East Side o f New York.
u d a h
e ib
o r d o n
100th anniversary o f death. Born in Vilna, Lith­
uania, in 1830, died in St. Petersburg (now Leningrad), Russia,
September 16, 1892. An enthusiastic partisan o f the Haskalah,
the movement for enlightenment among the Russian Jews, he was
for many years a harsh critic o f the traditionalists. Best known
among his poems is one describing the travail o f a Jewish woman
whose divorce is denied by the rabbi because o f a missing letter
in the spelling o f her husband’s name. After the pogroms o f the