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1880s his views changed, and he turned to the incipient national
Jewish movement, although not fully endorsing Zionism.
a im
o u r i
70th birthday. Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, September 22,
1922. A veteran o f the Palmach, the elite formation o f the
Haganah in the critical years preceding the establishment o f Israel,
he made that experience the subject o f many o f his stories and
poems. The one novel appearing in English translation,
Chocolade Deal
(1968), treats o f the trauma o f Holocaust survivors.
He also wrote an account o f the Eichmann Trial.
id n e y
r e e n b e r g
75th birthday. Born in New York City September
27, 1917. A Conservative rabbi in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he
has published volumes o f sermons and meditations, such as
Life to Your Years
Finding Ourselves
Say Yes to Life
(1982), and
Lessons fo r Living
(1985). Very popular have also been
his inspirational anthologies, particularly his
Treasury o f Comfort
(1954, 1975, 1983). Other collections include
A Modern Treasury
of Jewish Thoughts
Light From Jewish Lamps
(1986), and
Treasury of Thoughts on Jewish Prayer
(1989). He also compiled
prayerbooks for young people.
ic h a e l
u t t m a n n
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Hungary in
1872, died in Budapest, Hungary, November 7, 1942. For a
number o f years he taught at the Breslau Rabbinical Seminary,
and during the last years o f his life at the Budapest Rabbinical
Seminary, also serving as its director. His numerous studies in
German, Hebrew, and Hungarian dealt with the Talmudic tradi­
tion. He began writing a Talmudic dictionary in Hebrew. However,
only the articles covering the first Hebrew letter were published,
with the rest lost during the Holocaust. Nonetheless, even this
fragment is considered a valuable contribution to talmudic studies.
b r a h a m
b n
z r a
900th anniversary o f birth. Born in Tudela, Spain,
in 1092, died probably in Palestine in 1167. He is remembered
as an outstanding Bible commentator, as a grammarian, and as
a philosopher. The last three decades o f his life he spent as a
wandering scholar in Italy and Provence, occasionally antagonizing
the communal Jewish leadership by his independence o f spirit.
His biblical exegesis was much respected because he took a new
look at the text and did not always follow traditional interpreta­
tions. His commentaries are printed in most editions o f the rab­
binic Bibles. In recent years quite a few have been translated into
English, on Genesis in 1988, on Leviticus in 1986, on Isaiah in
1873-1877, on Hosea in 1988, and on the Song o f Songs in 1982.
A n
astrological work o f his,
The Beginning of Wisdom,
in 1939.
a m u e l
il l e l
s a a c s
75th anniversary o f death. Born in Suwalki,