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Poland, in 1825, died in Chicago, Illinois, January 10, 1917. In
America since 1847, he served as lay reader in an Orthodox con­
gregation in New York. In addition to a perpetual calendar, pub­
lished in 1893, he also wrote
The True Boundaries o f the Holy Land
(1917, 1977).
a u l
sa a c
a e m p f
100th anniversary o f death. Born in Lissa, Ger­
many, in 1818, died in Prague, Bohemia, now Czechoslavakia,
October 15, 1892. A disciple o f the Orthodox rabbi, Akiba Eger,
o f Posen, he nevertheless acquired a modern university education,
eventually becoming rabbi in Prague and professor o f Semitic
studies at the university there. He was one o f the first to publish
a study on the medieval Hebrew poetry in Spain (1858), as well
as various books o f devotions in German. His book o f meditations
and prayers for women passed through twenty editions.
o s e f
a f a h
75th birthday. Born in San’a, Yemen, November 27,
1917. In Palestine since 1943, he has utilized his knowledge o f
Arabic and the Jewish tradition to make many medieval rabbinic
works originally written in Arabic available in new Hebrew trans­
lations. Thus the Arabic works o f Saadia Gaon and o f Maimonides
have been brought closer to the modern Hebrew reader.
Guide to the Perplexed
he issued in a new Judeo-Arabic
and Hebrew translation. He also edited a Passover Haggadah ac­
cording to the Yemenite rite.
o b e r t
a t z
75th birthday. Born in Fort Dodge, Iowa, September
18, 1917. A Reform rabbi ordained at the Hebrew Union College,
he created the Human Relations Department there in the 1950s,
then a pioneer establishment. His works include
Empathy, Its Nature
and Uses
(1963) and
Pastoral Care and the Jewish Tradition; Emphatic
Process and Religious Counseling
u d a h
a t z e n e l s o n
(Buki ben Yogli). 75th anniversary o f death. Born
in Chernigov, Russia, in 1846, died in Petrograd, now Leningrad,
Russia, January 20, 1917. An adherent o f the Haskalah, he became
a physician and worked enthusiastically throughout his life to pro­
mote handicrafts and agriculture among the Jews in Russia.
Among his Hebrew books is one on medicine in the Talmud, also
a work on physiology. He also wrote Hebrew poetry, and memoirs.
l e x a n d e r
o h u t
150th anniversary o f birth. Born in Felegyhaza,
Hungary, May 4, 1842, died in New York in 1894. Trained as
a modern Hungarian rabbi, he served for a number o f years in
Hungarian provincial pulpits, coming to New York in 1883. His
major scholarly work is the edition o f an eleventh century talmudic
dictionary, which has passed through three editions in nearly a
century. He also wrote
Light of Shade, and Lamp o f Wisdom, the
Hebrew-Arabic Homilies of Nathanael Ibn Yeshaya (1327)