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that have proved very popular. He also wrote a number o f plays,
dealing with the Israeli War o f Independence, among other
themes, that have been well received by the public.
o s e p h
a t o n e k
100th anniversary o f death. Born in Komlo, Hun­
gary, in 1813, died in Bator, Hungary, November 28, 1892. A
Hungarian rabbi, who was immediately attracted to the views o f
Moses Hess and Zevi Kalischer, the forerunners o f political Zion­
ism, he did everything he could to promote settlement in Eretz
Israel. He influenced the Alliance Israelite Universelle in this di­
rection and also managed to get an audience with the Sultan o f
Turkey without, however, achieving any tangible results. His ideas
he propagated in his writings in Hebrew, Hungarian, and German.
W. Gun ther P lau t. 80th birthday. Born in Muenster, Germany, No­
vember 1, 1912. A law graduate in Germany, he turned to the
rabbinate after Hitler’s rise to power, coming to this country in
1935 and eventually being ordained as Reform rabbi at the Hebrew
Union College. After officiating in Chicago, Illinois, and St. Paul,
Minnesota, he was called to a major temple in Toronto, Canada,
where he continues to live as rabbi emeritus. A prime achievement
has been
The Torah,
an edition o f the Pentateuch with English
translation and commentary (1974-79, 1981), which has become
very popular with Reform synagogues throughout the land. He
also wrote
The Book of Proverbs, a Commentary
(1961) and
The Jews
in Minnesota
(1959). His autobiography bears the title,
(1981). Active in the community, he has been president
o f the Central Conference o f American Rabbis and now chairs
its Responsa Committee. He also has been president o f the Ca­
nadian Jewish Congress.
e n io r
a c h s
100th anniversary o f death. Born in Kedainiai, Lith­
uania, in 1815, died in Paris, France, November 15, 1892. Active
in the Haskalah movement, he contributed to many Hebrew pe­
riodicals at that time, also editing some o f them. For many years
he served as Hebrew tutor to the children o f Baron Guenzburg
in Paris. His scholarly interests were concerned with the collecting
o f Hebrew manuscripts and their publication. He also devoted
efforts to the study o f medieval Hebrew poetry.
a v i d
o l o m o n
a s s o o n
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Bombay,
India, in 1880, died in Letchworth, England, August 10, 1942.
From a prominent and wealthy Jewish family originally from
Baghdad, many o f whose members had settled in England, he
devoted himself to Jewish scholarship. He published a catalog o f
his library, rich in Hebrew manuscripts, also editing some impor­
tant medieval rabbinic classics. He likewise wrote
A History of the
Jews in Baghdad