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e n a c h e m
e n d e l
c h n e e r s o n
90th birthday. Born in
Yekaterinoslav, Russia, April 18, 1902. Scion o f the family o f
Shneur Zalman o f Lyady, founder o f the Habad-Lubavitch move­
ment in Hasidism, he studied science at the Sorbonne, but assumed
leadership o f the Habad movement in 1950, when its headquarters
had been moved to Brooklyn, New York. Under his vigorous lead­
ership, the movement has established many schools and rabbinical
seminaries all over the world. It has also expanded its publication
program, issuing the writings o f his predecessors in new editions.
His own works, sermons and addresses, have been published an­
nually. In English there appeared
On the Essence o f Chassidus
Letters by the Lubavitcher Rebbe
(beginning 1979),
Sichos in
(beginning with the 1970s and
The Chassidic Dimension, In­
terpretations of Torah Readings
(since 1990).
Leo W.
c h w a r z
25th anniversary o f death. Born in New York in
1906, died there December 1, 1967. He has enriched American
Jewry with numerous anthologies o f Jewish stories, translated from
many languages, such as
The Jewish Caravan
(1935, 1965, 1975);
A Golden Treasury o f Jewish Literature
Feast o f Leviathan
(1956); and
Memoirs of My People Through a Thousand Years
1963). He also wrote
the Root and the Bough, the Epic o f an Enduring
(1949), an early book on the Holocaust, and
The Redeemers,
a Saga of the Years 1945-1952
(1953), about the settlement o f the
Holocaust survivors in Israel.
h l o m o
h e n h o d
80th birthday. Born in Galicia, October 10, 1912.
In Palestine since 1936, he has written both in Hebrew and Yiddish
and translated works in both directions. This is extremely impor­
tant for Israeli readers, as facility in Yiddish declines inevitably
with the native-born generation.
e u v e n
i v a n
75th birthday. Born in Jerusalem, June 28, 1917. A
teacher o f the Hebrew language, he has written numerous special
studies devoted to that subject, and is one o f the compilers o f
The New Bantam-Megiddo Hebrew & English Dictionary
(1975, 1977).
e r e t z
m o l e n s k i n
150th anniversary o f birth. Born in
Monastyrshchina, Russia, February 25, 1842, died in Meran, Tyrol,
in 1885. After an unhappy youth wandering around Russia, he
finally settled in Vienna, Austria, establishing the Hebrew journal,
an organ o f the later Haskalah. Disenchanted with
traditional Judaism and the Hasidim, whom he had met during
his life in Russia, he nonetheless opposed assimilation and cham­
pioned the use o f the Hebrew language. After the pogroms o f
the 1880’s he turned increasingly to views espoused by the Hibbat
Zion movement, the forerunner o f political Zionism. In his major
autobiographical novel, all the inadequacies o f Russian Jewish life