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reprinted with additions in 1937 and 1970. He also published a
collection o f sermons and an autobiography.
a r o n
u p n i k
75th anniversary o f death. Born in Sambor, Galicia,
in 1843, died in Vienna, Austria, April 8, 1917.
sometime He­
brew journalist, he established a Hebrew printing press in
Drohobicz, where many secular works in Hebrew were published.
He also edited a German newspaper in Hebrew characters for
many years. Among his own works were Hebrew translations o f
works by Goethe. An early Zionist, he later became estranged from
the movement.
t e f a n
w e i g
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Vienna, Austria,
in 1881, committed suicide in Petropolis, Brazil, February 23,
1942. A very popular writer o f biographies with great psycholog­
ical insight, he did not especially concern himself with Jewish life,
but did write several works o f Jewish interest. Appalled by the
destruction o f the first World War, he wrote an anti-war play,
(1922, 1929, 1939). He was also the author o f some stories
and legends with a Jewish background which appeared in English
translation, such as
The Buried Candelabrum
(1937), that is now in­
cluded in a larger collection,
Jewish Legends