Page 197 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 49

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Ofer examines various rescue and illegal immigration efforts
by the Palestinian Jewish community during World War II.
Oral history o f contemporary Jewry: an annotated catalog.
New York: Gar­
land Publishing. 1990. xv, 245 p.
Descriptions o f taped interviews conducted between 1960-1986
in the Oral History Division o f the Institute o f Contemporary Jew­
ry o f the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
i n c h u k
Shtetl Jews under Soviet rule: Eastern Poland on the
eve of the Holocaust.
Cambridge, MA: Basil Blackwell, Inc. 1990.
186 p.
i n k u s
, O
s c a r
The House o f ashes: revised edition.
Schenectady, NY:
Union College Press. 1990. 272 p.
A Holocaust memoir.
a p o p o r t
, L
o u i s
Stalin’s war against the Jews: the Doctors’ Plot and the
Soviet solution.
New York: Free Press. 1990. xvii, 318 p.
a p o p o r t
, Y
a k o v
The Doctors’Plot o f 1953: a survivor’s memoir of Stalin’s
last act o f terror, against Jews and science.
Cambridge, MA: Harvard
University Press. 1990. viii, 281 p.
o d r i g u e
, A
r o n
French Jews, Turkish Jews: the Alliance Israelite
Universelle and the politics o f Jewish schooling in Turkey, 1860-1925 .
Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. 1990. xiii, 234 p.
Analyzes the ideology, politics, and consequences o f the Alliance
Israelite’s activities, concentrating on the Jewish communities o f
o s m a n
, M .J .
The Lords’ Jews: magnate-Jewish relations in the Polish-
Lithuanian Commonwealth during the 18th century.
Cambridge, MA:
Harvard University Press, xx, 256 p.
o t h
, P
h i l i p
Patrimony: A True Story.
New York: Simon
1991. 238 p.
Roth writes about his irascible father, Herman Roth, focusing
on his last years as he battles old age and illness.
a c k
, J
o e l
Dawn after Dachau.
New York: Shengold Publishers. 1990.
141 p.
The author, a survivor o f Dachau concentration camp, describes
his experience in Germany following his liberation by American
c h l e u n e s
, K
a r l
A .
The twisted road to Auschwitz: Nazi policy toward Ger­
man Jews, 1933 -1939
Evanston, IL: University o f Illinois Press.
1990. xiv, 284 p.
Schleunes sees the Holocaust as a product o f unplanned evo­
lution rather than a premeditated “grand design.”
c h w a b
, G
e r a l d
The Day Holocaust began: The odyssey o f Herschel
New York: Praeger Publishers. 1990. xiii, 226 p.