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Grynszpan’s shooting o f a German diplomat in Paris was a trig­
ger for Kristallnacht.
h a p i r o
, S
h e l l y
Truth prevails: demolishing Holocaust denial: the end
o f “The Leuchter Report.”
Latham, NY: Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
and Holocaust Survivors and Friends in Pursuit o f Justice, xi, 135
The papers in this book examine the “The Leuchter Report,”
which denied that the Germans used gas chambers to commit gen­
ocide against the Jews.
h a r f m a n
a r o l d
Jews on the frontier: an account o f Jewish pioneers
and settlers in early America.
Joseph Simon/Pangloss Press. 1990.
xviii, 337 p.
Re-issue o f a history o f Jews in settling o f the American West;
first published in 1977.
t e i n b e r g
, J
o n a t h a n
A ll or nothing: the Axis and the Holocaust 1941-43 .
New York: Routledge, Chapman & Hall. 1990. xiv, 320 p.
Steinberg examines the motives and forces underpinning both
Nazism and Fascism in an effort to learn why the Italian and Ger­
man armies behaved so differently toward the Jews.
t e i n f e l d
, D
o r o t h y
e c k
My mother’s daughter: a memoir.
New York:
Bloch Publishing Co. 1990. viii, 145 p.
The author tells about her life as a teacher, wife, and mother,
and about her work with Jewish organizations.
zw a jg e r
, A
d i n a
l a d y
trans. from the Polish
b y
Tasja Darowska
and Danusia Stok.
I remember nothing more: the Warsaw Children’s
Hospital and theJewish Resistance.
New York: Pantheon Books. 1991.
xx, 184 p.
The author was a nurse at the Jewish Children’s Hospital in
the Warsaw Ghetto. In this book she writes about her experiences,
and her part in the 1944 Warsaw uprising.
e l l e r
, H
a n o c h
Bridges of steel, ladders of gold: Joseph Tanenbaum: build­
er o f bridges to Torah.
New York City Publishing Co.; distributed
by Philipp Feldheim Inc. 1990.
A biography o f Joseph Tanenbaum, an immigrant who became
a millionaire, and who is also active as a philanthropist.
a l s h a w
, R
a c h e l a
a m
From out of the firestorm: a memoir of the
New York: Shapolsky Publishers. 1991. xii, 154 p.
a t
, A
l e k s a n d e r
trans. from the Polish
b y
Richard Lourie.
My cen­
tury: the odyssey of a Polish intellectual.
New York: W.W. Norton.
1990. xxx, 406 p.
A series o f conversations between Wat and Czeslaw Milosz.
e i n
, B
e r e l
Triumph o f survival: the story of the Jews in the modern era,
1650-1990 .
Monsey, NY: Shaar Press. 1990. xii, 488 p.