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mons o f the Lubavitcher Rebbe delivered at farbrengens in Brook­
lyn during the months o f Tishri to Adar 5750 (September 1989
to March 1990).
c h o l e m
, G
e r s h o m
trans. from the German by Joachim Neugroschel.
On the mystical shape o f the Godhead: basic concepts in the kabbalah.
New York: Schocken Books. 1991. 328 p.
c h u l w e i s
, H
a r o l d
In God’s mirror: reflections and essays.
NJ: Ktav Publishing House. 1990. xvii, 310 p.
Among the subjects discussed are the Jewish holidays, family
and interpersonal relations, mixed marriage, pluralism, Shabbat,
and the Holocaust.
h e r w i n
, B
y r o n
L .
In partnership with God: contemporary Jewish law and
Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press. 1990. xiv, 290 p.
im o n
, U
r i e l
trans. from the Hebrew by Lenn
J .
Four ap­
proaches to the Book o f Psalms: from Saadiah Gaon to Abraham Ibn
Albany, NY: State University o f New York press, 1990. xii,
364 p.
Simon describes the controversy in the 10th to 12th centuries
over the theological status and literary genre o f the Psalms.
t e i n m e t z
, D
a v i d
C., ed.
The Bible in the sixteenth century.
Durham, NC:
Duke University Press. 1990. vi, 263 p.
The essays affirm that the intellectual and religious life o f the
16th century cannot be understood without attention to the pre­
occupation o f 16-century humanists and theologians with the in­
terpretation o f the Bible.
w id l e r
, L
e o n a r d
et al., eds.
Bursting the bonds: A Jewish-Christian di­
alogue on Jesus and Paul.
Maryknoll, NY: 1990. 224 p.
z l a k m a n n
, C
h a r l e s
Judaism fo r beginners.
Writers and Readers Pub­
lishing. 1990. 192 p.
A history o f the Jews and Jewish religion in comic book form.
The Talmud: the Steinsaltz edition.
Adin Steinsaltz, ed. New York: Ran­
dom House. 1990.
Vol II: Tractate Bava Metzia, Part II. Vol. I l l:
Tractate Bava Metzia, Part III. Vol. II:
xii, 365 p.
Vol. I l l :
xii, 256
The talmudic text, with Rashi in Hebrew, surrounded on right
and left with Steinsaltz’s translation and commentary in English,
was well as marginal notes. Information on halakhah appears at
the bottom o f the page.
i r o s h
o t h s c h i l d
, H
a v a
Between worlds: the life and thought of Rabbi
David ben Judah Messer Leon.
Albany, NY: State University o f New
York Press. 1991. viii, 385 p.
a s k o w
, A
r t h u r
illus. by Martin Farren and Joan Benjamin-Farren.
Seasons of our joy: a celebration o f modern Jewish renewal.
Boston, MA:
Beacon Press. 1990. xxiv, 245 p.