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guage of the Jews.
Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.
1990. xi, 461 p.
Argues that assimilated German Jews projected their fears onto
Eastern European Jews, whom they saw as what they feared existed
within themselves — the Jew o f anti-Semitic caricature.
l e n n
, S
u s a n
A .
Daughters of the shtetl: life and labor in the immigrant
Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. 190. xii, 312 p.
A study o f Jewish immigrant women wage earners in the United
States, and their experience.
o l d b e r g
, H
a r v e y
Jewish life in Muslim Libya: rivals and relatives.
Chicago: University o f Chicago Press. 1990. x, 181 p.
Goldberg combines historical and anthropological perspectives
to depict the changing relations between Muslims and Jews in Lib­
ya from the early 19th century to the middle o f the 20th century.
o t t l i e b
, R
o g e r
S., ed.
Thinking the unthinkable; meanings of the Hol­
Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press. 1990. ix, 449 p.
o u l d
, A
l l a n
What did they think o f the Jews?
Northvale, NJ: Jason
Aronson Inc. 1991. xix, 615 p.
Presents in chronological order over 200 non-Jewish views o f
the Jewish people.
a r r e l s o n
, W
a l t e r
a n d a l l
a l k
Jews and Christians: a
troubled family.
Nashville, TN: Abington Press. 1990. 208 p.
A dialogue between a rabbi and a Christian scholar in which
they interpret their own religion and present their insight into
the other’s religious community.
a s s
, A
a r o n
In the shadow of the Holocaust: the second generation.
NY: Cornell University Press. 1990. 179 p.
A study o f the psychological effects o f the Holocaust on the
members o f the second generation.
o a n i d
, R
a d u
trans. from the Rumanian by Peter Heinegg.
The sword
of the archangel: Fascist ideology in Romania.
Boulder, CO: East Eu­
ropean Monographs; distributed by Columia University Press.
1990. 323 p.
a m i n
, B
e n
Stones in the soul: one day in the life of an American rabbi.
New York: Macmillan Publishing. 1990. x, 239 p.
l e p f i s z
, I
r e n a
Dreams o f an insomniac: Jewish feminist essays, speeches
and diatribes.
Portland, OR: the Eighth Mountain Press. 190. xxix,
219 p.
o c h a n
, L
io n e l
Jews idols and messiahs: the challenge from history.
bridge, MA: Basil Blackwell, Inc. 1990. vii, 213 p.
Two o f the principal themes in this book are the construction
o f communities where the laws o f Judaism seek to define the
framework o f existence, and the messianic idea, which Kochan
says contradicts the communal objective.