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settlers alike. A dilemma arises when Pinto recognizes that science
and reason cannot solve problems such as racial conflict, man-
made schemes, and the limitations o f the American Dream.
r o h l i c h
, N
e w t o n
NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1990. 404
p .
This panoramic novel offers a new perspective on Christopher
Columbus and Spain during the inquisition.
o l d s c h m i d t
, M
e i r
A Jew.
Tr. from the Danish by Kenneth H. Ober.
NY: Garland, 1990. 328 p. (World Literature in Translation, v.
Originally published in 1845, the author presents the first re­
alistic published portrayal o f the cultural and religious life o f an
enlightened Jew.
r o s s m a n
, D
a v i d
The Smile of the lamb.
Tr. from the Hebrew by Betsy
Rosenberg. NY: Farrar Straus Giroux, 1990. 325 p.
The author’s first novel, published in Hebrew in 1983, is one
o f the first Israeli works to address Israel’s occupation o f Pales­
tinian territory. It is a story about falsehood and fantasy and about
the challenge to morality and justice.
a i b l u m
, I
s i d o r e
Bad neighbors.
NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1990. 278
A young Jewish private eye’s investigation works undercover for
a tenants’ rights group on New York’s Lower East Side where
Jewish gangsters once reigned.
a l t e r
, M
a r e k
The Children of Abraham.
Tr. from the French by Low­
ell Bair. NY: Arcade Pub., 1990. 377 p.
This sequel to
The Book o f Abraham
continues the epic story into
1990 and addresses contemporary issues within Judaism.
a r r i s
, N
o r m a
Trumpets o f silver.
N Y : D u t t o n ,
1990. 306
p .
A family saga that begins in Odessa in 1891 and ends with the
third generation in the United States and in the newly emerging
State o f Israel.
e r m a n
, M
ic h e l l e
Columbus, Ohio: Ohio State University
Press, 1990. 146 p.
Alone in her Brooklyn apartment, an elderly Jewish widow re­
flects on her childhood in Poland, her marriage, and the lives o f
her children and grandchildren.
e n t i n
, R
o n i t
Night train to mother.
Pittsburgh, Pa.: Cleis Press, 1990.
219 p.
From 1895 to 1984, members o f four generations o f women
in a Jewish family journey from Romania to Israel and back again.
e v i a n t
, C
u r t
The Man who thought he was the messiah.
Phila.: Jewish
Publication Society, 1990. 222 p.
A fictionalized version o f the life o f Reb Nachman o f Breslov
who fails at messianism because o f a love affair and its aftermath.