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Jewish Juvenile Books
b r a m s
, J
u d i t h
Selichot; Rosh Hashanah; Yom Kippur.
Illus. by Kath­
erine Janus Kahn. Rockville, MD: Kar-Ben, 1990. 32 p. each (4-8)
Three creative services for young children and their families,
with songs, stories, responsive and group readings. Descriptive il­
lustrations. Package o f three services, cassette and leader’s guide
is available.
c k e r m a n
, K
a r e n
Just like Max.
Illus. by George Schmidt. New York:
Knopf, 1990. unp. (4-8)
A sensitive story about how when great-uncle Max, the tailor,
has a stroke and can no longer sew, his great-nephew Aaron be­
comes his “hands” and they develop a special relationship, rescuing
Max from his depression.
a c k m a n
, A
i d e l
One night, one Hanukkah night.
Illus. by the author.
Phila.: Jewish Publication Society, 1990. unp. (3-8)
A Hanukkah counting book with ebullient watercolor illustra­
tions that includes the daily lighting o f the great silver menorah
and the singing o f holiday songs and portrays, on facing pages,
the passing on o f a tradition from one generation to another.
a r r i e
, B
a r b a r a
Lone star.
NY: Delacorte, 1990. 182 p. (10-14)
Moving from Chicago to Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1944, a young
Jewish girl copes with her parents’ marital and economic problems
and adopts a more assimilated lifestyle — in particular, the ob­
servance o f Christmas, which infuriates her Orthodox grandfather
who comes to visit.
e r n s t e i n
, J
o a n n e
o s e
l u e
Judith Resnik: Challenger astronaut.
Dutton/Lodestar, 1990. (10-14)
In addition to Judith Resnick’s accomplishments and training,
and, o f course, the Challenger disaster, the authors detail her pri­
vate family life including her attendance in Hebrew School and
her Bat Mitzvah and confirmation, although Resnick did not par­
ticularly identity herself as a Jew.
u r s t e i n
, C
h a y a
The Hebrew prophets: a story workbook.
Illus. by the
author. NY: UAHC, 1990. 80 p. (9-12)