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Fictionalized stories about seven prophets: Moses, Dvora, Sam­
uel, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Quotations from their
writings that reveal their ideals and thoughts, are followed by
thought questions and activities. Humorous cartoonlike illustra­
tions accompany the text.
u s h
, L
a w r e n c e
Emma Ansky-Levine and her mitzvah machine.
b y
Joel Iskowitz. NY: UAHC, 1991. 115 p. (9-12)
For her 12th birthday, Emma receives a special computerized
“Mitzvah Machine” that helps her to resolve some doubts, to dis­
cover her Jewishness and the true meaning o f becoming a Bat
h a i k i n
, M
ir ia m
Illus. by Ellen Weiss. NY: Holiday, 1990.
32 p. (3-7)
Describes the history o f Hanukkah and the ways it is celebrated
using simple words and bordered illustrations that resemble a
Greek frieze. A fine “first book1” about the holiday.
Menorahs, mezuzas, and other Jewish symbols.
NY: Clarion,
1990. 102 p. (10-14)
An essential book that explains the history and significance o f
many Jewish symbols, such as the Shield (Star) o f David, the me-
norah, and the mezuzah, and discusses holiday symbols and rituals.
o h e n
, B
a r b a r a
The long way home.
Illus. by Diane de Groat. NY:
Lothrop, 1990. 172 p. (9-12)
Sally’s friendship with a former actress who now drives the camp
bus, helps her to cope with her mother’s cancer and being sep­
arated from her twin sister in summer camp.
d w a r d s
, M
ic h e l l e
Chicken man.
Illus. by the author. NY: Lothrop,
1991. 32 p. (5-8)
Rody loves working in the Kibbutz chicken coops and the chick­
ens love him, but Rody is so happy that others become jealous
and want his job, and the chickens suffer as a consequence. A
wry comment on human nature with the humor carried equally
in word and in the richly colored illustrations.
l i a s
, M
i r ia m
A ll because of Raizy.
Spring Valley, NY: Feldheim, 1990.
158 p. (9-14)
If it isn’t one thing, it’s another, but overcoming challenges
through mitzvot is the central theme o f a lively, readable series
about a group o f Orthodox Jewish girls. This book’s theme is “Klal
r e e d m a n
, F
l o r e n c e
B . .
It happened in Chelm: a story of the legendary
town o f fools.
Illus. by Nik Krevitsky. NY: Shapolsky, 1990. unp.
When their shops are robbed by bandits at night, the inhabitants