Page 221 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 49

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Illus. by Jeanette Winter. San Diego, CA: Harcourt, 1990.
unp. (3-8)
Daniel is determined that the world have a birthday cake on
its birthday. Once again, Goldin has reached deep into the heart
o f a child and written a book that speaks to him. Artfully framed,
intensely colored paintings contribute to making this book a jewel.
o r d o n
, E
r i c a
The Rabbi’s wisdom: a Jewish folk tale from Eastern Europe
(Folktales o f the World Series). Illus. by Victor Ambrus. NY: Peter
Bedrick, 1991. unp. (4-8)
Unable to stand his overcrowded and noisy house anymore, a
poor man goes to the Rabbi and receives some very unexpected
advice. The telling is alright, but the grotesque caricatures o f Jews
by this acclaimed artist make me uneasy. (There are at least three
other picture books based on this story.)
a s k i n s
, J
Count your way to Israel.
Illus. by Rick Hanson. Minn.:
Carolrhoda, 1990. (7-8)
An introduction to the land and people o f Israel accompanied
by instructions on how to read and pronounce the numbers one
through ten in Hebrew.
e n r y
, S
o n d r a
m il y
a i t z
Everyone wears his name: a biography
of Levi Strauss.
Minn, MN: Dillon, 1990. (10-14)
A well-researched biography o f the ethical jeans merchant and
a history o f the German Jews who emigrated to the U.S. in the
19th century. A lively, flowing style. Extensive bibliography and
an 11-page appendix on the gold rush in San Francisco, but few
personal quotes.
e s t
, A
m y
The ring and the window seat.
Illus. by Deborah Heaffele.
NY: Scholastic, 1990. unp. (6-8)
Although she has been saving for a ring, Stella decides to give
her bundle o f nickels to a Jewish carpenter who is trying to rescue
his little girl from a Nazi-occupied country. A charming, elegant
tale stressing brotherhood, compassion and
glowing paintings use color and intensity to shift moods between
sun-lit days and scenes o f Nazi-occupation.
a c o b s
il l ia m
a y
Ellis Island: new hope in a new land.
NY: Scribner’s,
1990. 36 p. (7-10)
Traces the history o f Ellis Island and immigration to America
and describes the experiences o f immigrants (including Jews) who
arrived during 1907.
a m e s
, I
a n
Inside Israel.
NY: Watts, 1990. 32 p. (7-10)
Excellent color photographs, maps and diagrams combine with
a clear text to give an interesting view o f Israel including: land,
people and their history, towns and cities, family life, food, sports
and pastimes, the arts, farming, industry, map o f Israel. Indexed.