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im m e l
, E
r ic
The Chanukah guest.
Illus. by Giora Carmi. NY: Hol­
iday, 1990. unp. (4-8)
A hilarious tale about Old Bear who wanders into Bubba
Brayna’s house on the first night o f Hanukkah and is served a
delicious helping o f potato pancakes with jam, when she mistakes
him for the rabbi.
o b r e
, F
a i g e
A sense o f Shabbat.
photos. LA, CA: Torah Aura, 1989.
32 p. (3-6)
Text and photos illustrate the process o f getting ready for and
celebrating Shabbat as it is experienced through our five senses.
It could use some further explanation o f terms such as “Havdalah”
for wider use, but the photos are charming.
o r a l e k
, J
e n n y
Hanukkah: the fes tiva l o f lights.
b y
Wijngaard. NY: Lothrop, 1990. 29 p. (6-10)
A simple and dignified retelling o f the history o f the period
and the meaning o f the holiday. The text is a vehicle for the strik­
ing artwork which is dark and brooding, recalling the golden age
o f illustration. The gleaming white text pages feature half borders
o f marble columns and the pictures, too, are framed by marble
arches. This is one for book collectors.
a i r d
, C
h r i s t a
Shadow of the wall.
Greenwillow, 1990. 144 p. (12 up)
Set in the Warsaw Ghetto, the action involves 14-year old
Mischa’s struggle to care for his invalid mother when leaving the
ghetto could mean death; and the story o f Dr. Janusz Korczak
and his orphanage within the ghetto walls. Winner, Association
o f Jewish Libraries’ Sydney Taylor Award for best Older Chil­
dren’s Book, 1991.
a n d a u
, E
l a i n e
Nazi war criminals.
Franklin Watts, 1990. 160 p.
Examines the cases o f several Nazi war criminals and describes
the charges against them and how they were brought to justice.
Notes, Index.
a g n u s
, J
o a n n
o w a r d
o g o t
An artist you don’t have to be!.
Illus. by Joann Magnus. NY: UAHC, 1990. 128 p. (10-Adult)
A fine resource book o f craft projects for every Jewish holiday.
Each project includes a lesson plan for its use in addition to in­
structions on how to make it. Instructions are clear and a glossary
o f terminology and a resource list o f technical assistance are pro­
a n u s h k i n
, F
r a n
Latkes and applesauce: a Hanukkah story.
Illus. by
Robin Spowart. NY: Scholastic, 1990. unp. (4-8)
When a blizzard leaves a family housebound one Hanukkah,
they share what little food they have with some starving animals
who later return the favor. Charming.