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a t a s
, C
a r o l
Code name Kris.
NY: Scribner’s, 1990. 144 p. (12 up)
Continuing the wartime drama o f a widely praised
Lisa’s war,
two friends defy the Nazis as members o f the Danish resistance.
An easily read, interest-holding story o f bravery, loyalty and pa­
a y e r s o n
, E
v e l y n
i l d e
The cat who escaped from steerage: a
NY: Scribner, 1990. 64 p. (9-12)
Living in the steerage section o f a steamship bound for America,
Chanah tries to keep her newly found cat, Pitsel, a secret. Both
the characterizations and the writing are strong. Chanah is an ap­
pealing heroine and the text sparkles.
it c h e l l
, S
t e p h e n
trans. and adaptor.
The Creation.
Illus. by Ori
Sherman. NY: Dial, 1990. unp. (All ages)
A glorious testament to the Creation in both words and art.
d i j k
, P
a m e l a
The Israelites
(Ancient World series). NJ: Silver Burdett,
1990. 48 p. (9-13)
Explores Jewish life and culture in ancient times. Includes a
timeline and information about the origin o f the Israelites, the
importance o f landforms and climate, flora and fauna, agriculture,
hunting, family life, food and medicine, religion, ritual, etc. Index,
O ’K
e e f e
, S
u s a n
e y b o e r
A Season fo r Giving.
Illus. by Pamela T.
Keating. NJ: Paulist Press, 1990. 28 p. (7-10)
When ten-year-old Allie, a Catholic, and his new friend Zeke,
a Jewish boy, start to explain to each other the significance o f
Christmas and Hanukkah, they decide to submit a joint report
to school about both holidays. A “concept” book.
p p e n h e im
, S
h u l a m it h
e v e y
Illus. by Joanne Yardley.
San Diego, CA: Harcourt, 1991. 28 p. (6-10)
With the help o f Appleblossom, a talking cat, eight-year-old
Naphtali comes up with a plan involving traditional rituals at the
Passover seder, to convince his father that a cat is just what the
family needs. Delicate pastel watercolors contribute to the sense
o f time and place. A welcome addition to the Passover storyhour.
e r l
, L
il a
Molly Picon: a gift of laughter.
Illus. by Donna Ruff. Phila.:
Jewish Publication Society, 1990. 66 p. (10-14)
Follows the life and career o f the Jewish entertainer who per­
formed in movies, the theater, radio and television for more than
eighty years. Picon, in person, is perkier than on Perl’s pages.
Poskanzer , Susan C o r n e l l .
Riddles about Hanukkah
(What Can It Be?
Series) Photos by Rob Gray. NJ: Silver Burdett,
Fifteen simple riddles to open a Hanukkah story hour. Each
right-hand page presents the riddle in verse; the reverse side fea-