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the holidays. A final note gives information about the holiday and
there is a brief illustrated glossary.
Winner, Jewish Book Council National Jewish Book Award,
picturebook category, 1991.
c h r a m
, P
e n i n n a h
t e v e n
o s m a n
Eight tales fo r eight nights:
stories fo r Chanukah.
Illus. by Tsirl Waletzky. NJ: Jason Aronson,
1990, 160 p. (8-12)
Eight traditional tales from around the world and from different
times in Jewish history introduce the customs and meaning o f Ha­
nukkah. Additional material includes a rabbinic tale o f how Ha­
nukkah came to be, and appendixes that contain music for songs
and blessings, etc.
e m e l
Becoming Gershona
Trans, by Seymour Simckes,
king, 1990. 153 p. (10-14)
Set in Tel Aviv, circa 1958, Gershona, a pre-teen, confides in
the reader about her mysterious grandfather newly arrived from
the United States, her battles with the neighborhood children, her
sensitive survivor mother, and her friendship with an exciting
strange new boy, recently moved to her neighborhood. Winner
o f the Jewish Book Council’s Shapolsky National Jewish Book
Award for Children’s Literature, 1991.
h e r m a n
, E
il e e n
l u e s t o n e
Independence Avenue.
Phila.: Jewish Pub­
lication Society, 1990. 164 p. (10-14)
Elias, a 14-year-old Russian immigrant, arrives alone in Kansas
City in 1907. Through his assertiveness, he finds employment and
friends, but soon after receives bad news from his family back
in Russia. An engrossing story that gives a sense o f the period.
il b e r m a n
, S
h o s h a n a
The whole Megillah.
Illus. by Katherine Kahn.
Rockville, MD: Kar-Ben, 1990. 40 p. (6-10)
Includes abbreviated chapter summaries o f the Book o f Esther,
commentaries, a play script, and music and costume ideas. Bound
to be userful.
l e p i a n
, J
a n
Risk ‘n roses.
NY: Philomel, 1990. 175 p. (10-14)
To escape the melancholy o f her home and the attention lav­
ished on her retarded sister, Angela, Skip Berman joins a gang
led by wild Jean Serpico and allows Jean to manipulate her, until
a dastardly act brings Skip to her senses. Readers will relate to
Skip and will come away from this story with much food for
t r o m
, Y
a l e
A tree still stands: Jewish youth in Eastern Europe today.
terviews and photographs by Yale Strom. Introduction by Sonia
Levitin. NY: Philomel, 1990. I l l p. (12 up)
A collection o f interviews with children who have at least one
parent or grandparent who is a survivor o f the Holocaust. They