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Jewish Book Council
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c e n t e r s
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e w i s h
book publishing around the world grew
closer together this year as we made connections with the mem­
bers of the international publishing community and found we
had much in common. At our International Jewish Children’s
Literature Symposium professionals in the field explored how
to stimulate the growth of Jewish children’s books in foreign
countries. The Book Council expanded international coverage
of other publishing events in both
Jewish Book World
Books in Review,
while editor Wiliam Wollheim continued to
maintain his high standard of excellence for both projects. Sev­
eral of the 42nd Annual National Jewish Book Award winners
represented foreign countries and we honored them and their
translators at our awards ceremony. We strengthened the bond
between a variety of Jewish cultures and learned again that we
are “Am Ahad” — One People.
The Jewish Book Council participated in the Fifth Jewish
Heritage Book Festival, sponsored by the Associated YM-
YWHAs of Greater New York on November 18-19, 1990. The
Council shared a successful and well-attended booth with the
JCCA Lecture Bureau. Program materials, brochures, posters
and bookmarks were distributed and Council representatives
fielded questions and provided resource information on a wide
variety of book-related subjects.
The Council coordinated its yearly list of book festivals
around the country and made this resource available in an ex­
panded form to hundreds of people. Contact names and fair
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