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cries. Or the feel of a certain piece of fabric: Rivka’s dress when
I put my hands around her chest and squeeze her and she
screams and Malkele consoles her and convinces her to say noth­
ing (Badanes, 81).
Fictionists, o f course, a ttend to such detail as the ir stock-in-
trade; taken together, they provide what Eudora Welty calls
“the field o f the h ea r t” — the particulars o f time and place
that outstrip even the best efforts o f historians and theologians.
Not surprisingly — given the way
The Final Opus o f Leon Solomon
is told and who did the telling — Solomon goes abou t the busi­
ness o f shoring up the fragments o f his ru in as a novelist ra th e r
than as a “historian .” What is surprising, however, is the way
tha t Badanes, American born and in his early fifties, can so
deeply imagine the contours and textures — the sheer
— o f a world he did not experience first-hand.
No doub t there are those who will be surprised at my surprise,
and who will hasten to rem ind me that
The Final Opus o f Leon
is simply ano the r instance o f the power tha t first-rate
writing packs. They would, o f course, be right. Like Rhoda
Lerman and Tova Reich, Je rom e Badanes knows what he is
writing about, and he is a marvelous writer. Which is also to
say tha t repo rts about the demise o f Jewish-American fiction
are both exaggerated and very p rem a tu re . With novelists as ex­
citing as these, it is a safe bet tha t the beat o f Jewish-American
literature will go on
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