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ituality and secularism, faith and doubt, and public and private
identity. These themes are not only basic to the writings of
Potok, they constitute the thematic core of much of American
Jewish literature. Potok dramatizes these conflicts in his por­
trayal of the struggle of an artist to reconcile the culture of
his birth with the destiny he has created for himself, a destiny
for which he has paid a painful spiritual and emotional price.
Potok deals with these motifs in a skillful and imaginative man­
ner that poignantly extracts universal truths from a specifically
Jewish experience. Once again he proves himself to be a master
storyteller who fulfills the dual purpose of all good literature:
he touches the mind as he touches the heart.
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The Holocaust: The Fate o f European Jewry, 1 9 3 2 -1 9 4 5
, by Leni
Yahil, translated by Ina Friedman and Haya Galai (Oxford Uni­
versity Press)
The Holocaust: The Fate o f European Jewry, 1 9 32 -1945
is a thor­
oughly documented historical account of the tragic fate that
befell European Jewry during the Nazi era. Dr. Leni Yahil in­
corporated new archival and historical sources in many languag­
es. The work is well organized and clearly written, shedding
new light on the activities, reactions, and perceptions of the
perpetrators, the onlookers, and the victims. It is bound to
emerge as the most updated comprehensive text for the study
of the Holocaust.
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The Vatican and Zionism: Conflict in the Holy Land 1 8 95 -1925 ,
Sergio I. Minerbi, translated by Arnold Schwartz (Oxford Uni­
versity Press)
In his definitive and objective study, Sergio I. Minerbi ex­
amines the consistent hostility of the Vatican to the Zionist
movement from its beginning to the formulation of the idea
of a Jewish State. He sets the subject in the larger context of
the Vatican’s interests in the Holy Land, and its policies towards
competing international forces, the Ottoman rulers, rival Chris­