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C h o u r a q u i , A n d r e .
Between East and West,
Philadelphia, 1968. (This
book deals with the history o f the Jews o f North Africa.)
F e l i c e , R e n z o d e
.Jews in an Arab Land: Libya 1835-1970 ,
Austin, 1985.
G o l d b e r g , H a r v e y .
The Book of Mordechai: a Study o f the Jews o f Libya,
Philadelphia, 1980.
L e w i s , B e r n a r d ,
The Jews of Islam,
Princeton, 1984.
S t i l l m a n , N o r m a n .
The Jews of Arab Lands: a History and Source Book,
Philadelphia, 1979. (An interesting study which provides historical
narrative as well as translations o f primary sources.)
S t i l l m a n , N o r m a n .
The Jews of Arab Lands in Modern Times,
phia, 1991.
A n g e l , M a r c
La America: The Sephardic Experience in the United States,
Philadelphia, 1982. (The book deals primarily with the Sephardic
immigrant experience during the early 20th century as reflected
in the Judeo-Spanish newspaper,
La America.)
E v a n s , E l i .
Judah P. Benjamin: the Jewish Confederate,
New York, 1988.
(Although Benjamin did not live his life within the Jewish com­
munity, his Sephardic Jewish background did have an important
influence on his life. A fascinating study o f an unusual person.)
P a p o , J o s e p h .
Sephardim in Twentieth Century America,
Berkeley, 1987.
(A study o f Sephardic communal organization in the United States
and the many efforts undertaken to unify the Sephardim.)
S t a m p f e r , J o s h u a ,
The Sephardim: A Cultural Journey from Spain
to the Pacific Coast,
Portland, 1987. (The book includes papers de­
livered at a conference dealing with the Sephardim o f the Pacific
S u t t o n , J o s e p h ,
Aleppo Chronicles,
New York, 1988.
S u t t o n , J o s e p h ,
Magic Carpet: Aleppo in Flatbush,
New York, 1979.
(Both o f Sutton’s books explore the history and culture o f the
Syrian Sephardic community in Brooklyn.)
A h r o n i , R e u b e n .
Yemenite Jewry,
Bloomington, 1986.
B a r n e t t , R i c h a r d
S c h w a b , W a l t e r ,
The Western Sephardim,
Grendon, 1989. (Includes essays on a number o f the Western Se­
phardic communities.)
C o h e n , H a y y im .
The Jews o f the Middle East, 1860-1972 ,
1973. (The book discusses recent Jewish life in Turkey, Syria, Leb­
anon, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Aden and the Arabian Peninsula.)