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D a l v e n , R a c h e l .
The Jews of Ioannina
, Philadelphia, 1990. (A study
o f a Greek community o f the Romaniot tradition.)
E l a z a r , D a n i e l .
The Other Jews: The Sephardim Today,
New York, 1989.
(A general discussion o f contemporary Sephardic communities,
with special focus on the role o f Sephardim in Israel.)
E m m a n u e l , I s a a c
S u z a n n e .
History o f the Jews of the Netherlands
Cincinnati, 1970.
H i l l e l , S h l o m o .
Operation Babylon
, New York, 1987. (The book deals
with the mass migration o f Iraqi Jews to Israel shortly after the
State o f Israel was established.)
H y a m s o n , A l b e r t .
The Sephardim of England,
London, 1951.
M a l i n o , F r a n c e s .
The Sephardic Jews o f Bordeaux,
Alabama, 1978.
R a p h a e l , C h a im .
The Road from Babylon,
New York, 1985. (A general
history o f Sephardim, dealing briefly with many communities.)
A n g e l , M a r c
The Rhythms of Jewish Living: A Sephardic Approach,
New York, 1986. (The book presents a Sephardic philosophy o f
M a r c
Voices in Exile: A Study in Sephardic Intellectual History,
Hoboken, 1991.
intellectual history o f Sephardic Jewry from
the period o f the expulsion from Spain to the mid-twentieth cen­
study guide, based on this book, has been issued by the
education department o f Hadassah, New York, 1991).
C o o p e r m a n ,
B. D., ed
.Jewish Thought in the 16th Century,
Mass., 1983. (This volume contains a number o f scholarly essays
relating to Sephardic intellectual life.)
P e t u c h o w s k i , J a c o b .
The Theology of Haham David Nieto,
New York,
1970. (Haham Nieto was a major intellectual figure in Sephardic
life during the late 17th and early 18th centuries.)
S c h o l e m , G e r s h o m ,
Sabbatai Sevi,
Princeton, 1973. (Scholem presents
a remarkable study o f a pseudo-messiah, and provides an illumi­
nating picture o f the intellectual and spiritual climate among Se­
phardim during the 17th century.)
T w e r s k y ,
a n d S e p t im u s ,
e d s
.Jewish Thought in the 17th Century,
C a m b r i d g e , M a s s ,
( T h i s v o l u m e c o n t a i n s a n u m b e r o f s c h o l ­
a r ly e s s a y s r e l a t i n g t o S e p h a r d i c i n t e l l e c t u a l l i f e . )
W e r b l o w s k y ,
Z w i
, Joseph Karo: Lawyer and Mystic,
London, 1962.
(A study o f one o f the most important and influential Sephardic
thinkers since the period o f the expulsion.)